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Summer Challenge: Nutrition Week 9

Posted Aug 11 2013 5:05pm

Eliminate all added sugar from diet.

You knew it was coming , it was the next logical step. I made the mistake of looking at the calendar to see how many weeks I have left until I go back to schoo-2.5 to be exact. Teachers always go back the Wednesday & Thursday before labor Day weekend and our students come back the Tuesday after. Where did the summer go? I seriously can’t believe that there are only 3 weeks until Labor Day weekend! So why am I being a Debbie Downer by reminding you that summer is practically over? Well to ease the blow of taking away all your added sugar of course! There was a method to my madness when I designed our 15 week intro to paleo plan. Grains were the first to go because they are the worst for us yet they are the easiest to avoid during the summer with cookouts. But I made sure to not remove them all until after July 4th for cookouts ;-)

Dairy was the second to go and it took us 3 week to eliminate it fully which got us that  much closer to the end of the summer. And now with only 3 weeks left until Labor Day, all added sugar is gone. So really what are you giving up for the home stretch until the end of the season-desserts/treats.  By this point the sugar cravings should be diminishing and control over sugar cravings should be increasing.

Cake is my kryptonite . It is the one junk food that really tempts me. We all have them and good bakery cake is mine. I had to stop watching Cake Boss a few years ago because it made me crave cake too much! I digress.


Tempting & ridiculously delicious  cake courtesy of

One of the things that stinks about an office kitchen on a Monday is the amount of junk food that co-workers bring in after a weekend of celebrations. I get it, they don’t want all that stuff tempting them in their house, and they don’t want it to go to waste, (heaven forbid) so the junk gets brought in to work to share with all of us. How thoughtful. The last thing I need is left over birthday cake from Little Johnny’s party tempting me on a Monday at work while I am eating the healthy lunch I brought from home. But I will never forget the Monday I walked in to the faculty lounge after having done my first paleo challenge and seeing cake on the table. I had to look at it-I needed to see what kind it was. I sauntered over to the table, gently lifted up the white bakery box, and went “humph” and walked away. Cake lost its control over me (and well I’m not going to lie, it’s wasn’t an Amy’s Apples cake so it was extra not tempting.) It was NBD to walk away proud knowing that I had control over sugar.

Now when I stray from my usual way of eating and let sugar back into my life, I let the cravings back in. I wish I were one of those people who could have a small taste and be satisfied and move on. Nope, not me. If I have one taste it turns into two, which turns into me eating waaaayyyy more than what I intended or should. I usually end up eating just enough to get blah blah belly. I know, you’re jealous…

So this is why removing sugar from our diet is so important. You need to see first hand what kind of hold sugar has on you. Now remember, total elimination of sugar is not for the rest of your life. It’s just for the remainder of this challenge. You will see how your body reacts to sugar when you reintroduce it-in September, if you choose.

What are your thoughts so far in the challenge? How are you doing? What has been easy? What has been hard? Have you learned anything about yourself yet? Let us know in the comments!


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