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Summer Challenge: Nutrition week 5

Posted Jul 14 2013 4:48pm

Reduce Dairy to 1 serving a week

It’s not that hard really, I swear. The most common thing people freak out over when the thought of giving up dairy comes up is coffee. Coffee & cream go together like peanut butter and jelly plantain chips and guacamole. But I gave you my recipe for coconut milk coffee creamer last week so that should be a non-issue by now, right?!  Or you could also…wait for it….try it black. I know the horror. It reminds me of how my brother-in-law used to call his coffee “candy bar” coffee because there was so much cream & sugar it was the equivalent to eating a candy bar. Almond milk is another popular substitute for cream in coffee.

Do you equate summer time to ice cream? There are so many non-dairy options for frozen treats. Every time we go out for ice cream as a family there is always sorbet on the menu. If you search “coconut milk ice cream” you will find a variety of recipes and some don’t even need an ice cream machine (although I do love my Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment.) You could also try my recipe for home-made Italian Ice.

Strawberry Italian Ice

Strawberry Italian Ice

If you prefer the chocolatey goodness of a fudgesicle, then all you need to do is pour chocolate flavored coconut or almond milk into popsicle molds and call it a day.
Don’t forget about searching Pinterest for “non-dairy treats.”

Remember that you are in the experimentation phase and just because you are not eating dairy now doesn’t mean that you never will. Maybe you will be one of the 40% of adults who can digest milk because according to this article from ABC news, 60% of adults can’t. I never knew I was one of them until I took it out of my diet, let my gut heal, and then reintroduced it.

Good luck this week!


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