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Summer Abs in 5 & Body Composition

Posted Jun 01 2012 1:39pm
I used to hate core work.

I wasn't good at it, so I didn't do it. And, because I didn't do it, I wasn't good at it. That cycle won't exactly get you better, will it?

Now that I am teaching Ab Blast class and incorporating HIIT and CrossFit workouts into my training, I'm forced to do core work.


And, I love it. I do something every day now.

With swimsuit season upon us, more focus is put on our mid-section.

Whole foods, more protein , more frequent meals & snacks , variable workouts, and thermogenics  have helped me see definition in my mid-section...faster.

5 Moves to Target Your Core
  1. plank + spidey
  2. table top crunch
  3. mini V-ups
  4. ankle taps
  5. butterfly sit-ups

And, a guest appearance from Cooper at 0:27. He's such a ham. I love him so much!

Many of you know, you can't spot reduce, meaning lose fat in a one specific area (I'd like to relocate mine to my boobs, let's figure how to do that).

Diet and exercise are first and foremost to improving your body composition. But, incorporating  certain supplements will help you get there faster.

Here is a great post on combining all three.

I recently had my body composition re-tested using computerized calipers and have dropped 3% body fat after 2 rounds of  GenetixHD .

My diet is fairly clean, maybe 80% of the time.  So to get leaner, I know that has to been even more on point.

I don't even know what I weigh right now, but that is not my concern. My clothes fit better, and I feel strong.

I will not be controlled by the scale again.

As I mentioned , I'm developing a meal plan & supplement stack to share and illustrate how I am changing my physique!

Because of FitFluential LLC , I'm truly thankful to work with a quality company like GNC that has been in existence over 75 years.

It's Day 5 of the Run Streak . Who is participating?!

What vitamins/supplements do you incorporate into your diet?

*I am a  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist , but please consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise plan.

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.
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