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Sugar Talk

Posted Apr 02 2013 6:00am
Can we talk about sugar?

Can we talk about how addictive it is?

Can we talk about how bad just a little bit hurts my stomach almost immediately?

Can we talk about my awful Easter headache from not that much sugar but still quite a bit more than normal?


I’m not kidding either. The immediate and sudden stomach ache. The so bad I HAVE to take something headache (since company was over so I couldn’t sleep it off). The of course it’d come back shortly after going away but also after eating another bite.


I swear it’s just continued proof of how bad it is for you. How toxic for our system to eat all the time. How if we only watch what we eat, stay active and TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES we’d probably be a healthier society in general.


I’m not saying its not okay to eat from time to time. I’m not saying your reaction to it is necessarily so quick or extreme as mine but how would you know? How would you know how much BETTER you would or COULD feel?!


I have to be honest, after my body’s reaction to it this weekend, I’m really repulsed. I was miserable, I was crabby, I was on a roller coaster and it wasn’t fun. And with my birthday in a week and a half, I’m thinking a rice CAKE sounds like my kind of cake.


Any tips on getting a candle to stay in the rice cake without it breaking? ;)


You think I’m kidding…


I like sweets. And I enjoy all things in moderation – sweets included but I think I’m done for awhile. It’s just not that worth it to me.


Where do you stand on the sugar talk?

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