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Sugar, Ohhh Honey Honey.

Posted Mar 06 2010 9:02pm

After waiting in the world’s longest line at the BMV, I finally got my new license and am a legal driver again – whohooo!  I was totally weirded out by the new Ohio licenses too – they are pink.  I rushed out of there and headed up the road to Milford to visit Liz.  We spent a few minutes catching up at her house, and then headed into town for our cupcake date at the most adorable little bakery ever, Sugar Cupcakery !

3-5-10 072 (640x480)

They had a nice assortment of all sorts of delicious flavors of cupcakes, and they came in full size or bite sized – love it. 

3-5-10 065 (640x480) 3-5-10 066 (640x480)

They even had two vegan options – hard to find when it comes to baked goods!

3-5-10 067 (640x480)

I ended up choosing the chocolate truffle mini-cupcake, which was served to me on this cute little plate with a side of fresh berries.

  3-5-10 068 (640x480) 3-5-10 069 (640x480)

And I got a hot jasmine green tea to go with it – served in this cute cup that looked like it had a stem :)  I am such a sucker for cute packaging.

3-5-10 070 (640x480) 3-5-10 071 (640x480)  

The only thing better than good cupcakes is enjoying them in the company of your oldest and dearest friend in the world.  North Carolina is wonderful and beautiful, but as long as I live far away, I will never stop missing my friends and family.

3-5-10 073 (640x480)

I brought some treats home with me to share with the rest of our visitors later…

3-5-10 074

Casey’s parents, Tina and Eddie, came into town and we spent all afternoon just lounging around telling stories and catching up.  I love lazy family days.  Around 6, Lindsey came over, and our whole group headed over to the Green Dog Cafe for dinner.  Green Dog opened up right before Casey and I moved, and it’s probably for the best that it didn’t open sooner.  It is by far my favorite restaurant in Cincy – I eat there every single time I go home! 

I got a dish called the Green Curry Bowl – mushrooms, spinach, and rice in a curry coconut milk broth, with a side of socca (some sort of pancake!)

3-5-10 082

3-5-10 083

3-5-10 084

It was delicious as always, but also really really filling.  I couldn’t even finish mine, which is a rarity.  Perhaps I was subconsciously saving room for the sugar fest waiting for us at home.  When we got back to my mom’s house, I broke into my to-go box from the cupcake shop…

Pistachio and dark chocolate with chocolate bark…

3-5-10 075 3-5-10 076

Carrot cake and chocolate banana cream…

3-5-10 077 3-5-10 078

And the two vegan offerings – chocolate strawberry and chocolate maple…

3-5-10 079 3-5-10 080

It’s funny because I almost never eat baked goods, but these were so pretty and simply decorated that I couldn’t resist bringing them home to show the group.  Plus I figure that since I literally never do it, one day of sugar overload won’t kill me.

3-5-10 081

Because I’m such a food psycho, and the thought of having to pick ONE to eat was too torturous, I cut all of the cupcakes into quarters so that we could each try four different flavors instead of just one.  Luckily I have a wonderful understanding family who appreciates my food quirks.  :)

3-5-10 085

We sat and enjoyed our cupcakes and hot coffee, and talked until bed time.  Which is actually…..NOW!  Off to sleep to rest up for a big run tomorrow – for real this time!

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