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Sugar-Free Detox Lemonade

Posted Feb 15 2011 7:14pm

Happy Tuesday! Did you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day?

Austin got me a sweet new journal:

(Love the card he got me, too– he thought the couple at the bottom looked like us!) :D

We went to Paris for our honeymoon, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I love receiving gifts that are both functional and sentimental– that way I get to enjoy it everyday! I have some fun plans for this journal, but I’ll talk more about tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow… it’s going to be a travel day for me! I’ve got a pretty long business trip planned, but it won’t be ALL work– I’ll get to see my friends and family while I’m there, too! That means a bunch of packing and laundry is in my future. I hate doing laundry more than anything.

Anyone want to come over and do it for me? I’ll pay in raw cheesecake bars. ;)

In other news, I finally finished reading Crazy Sexy Diet! I totally loved it, and am already re-visiting a few chapters to take some notes. There’s way to much info packed into that little book to remember it all! While I was already familiar with most of the theories and practices, I really appreciated Kris’s supplement recommendations. For the past few years, I’ve been on the fence about supplements in general. I believe that we should aim to get most of our vitamins and minerals from food, but I do wonder if I couldn’t benefit from a B12 or iron supplement from time to time.

Thanks to Kris, I just ordered a new-to-me supplement:

Digestive enzymes! Kris Carr recommends taking these with every meal as a digestive aid– especially after a dense meal. I’ve never tried any sort of digestive enzyme before, but I think they’ll be helpful during my upcoming business trip! Eating too many meals out throws my digestion for a loop! And as Kris Carr so delicately puts it, “We are what we eat, AND what we don’t poop.” LOL :D

Another concept I’m trying (with some difficulty) to grasp from the book, is that we shouldn’t plan on eating dessert everyday. If you know me at all, you know that I love sweets! Probably too much. So, while I’m not committing to anything in writing, I’m going to try reducing my sugar intake.

Gradually, of course, so I don’t snap. ;)

Instead of finishing my lunch today with a raw cheesecake bar or some choco-cado pudding , I opted for this:

A detox-friendly, sugar-free lemonade!

Detox Lemonade
serves 1


3-4 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 cup filtered water
10-12 drops liquid stevia, to taste (I used KAL brand )


Combine all ingredients, and sweeten to taste. Stir well and serve over ice!

This lemonade totally hit the spot! It was sweet, yet light and refreshing.

Hope you try it the next time a sugar-craving hits!

Reader Feedback: How often to you enjoy sweets? Do you take any supplements?

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