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Sudden stomach pain, stalls throughout the event "

Posted May 07 2013 4:53pm
  "Many young people had stomach ulcers for granted, where he or arbitrary rule, free withdrawal dressing, medication 'just leave' delay the disease." Recently, the Guangzhou First People's Hospital, vice president, medical director of the physician Nieyu Jiang cautioned, cheap hermes outlet  if you have stomach problems, stomach suddenly does not hurt, is not necessarily a good thing, may also stalls throughout the event!
  According to the World Health Administration statistics, the global patients with stomach has shot up from 1.5 million in 1985 to 500 million in 2012, projected that by 2025 this figure could reach 700 million.  Hermes shoes women   In today's society, in patients with various types of stomach illness incidence rate in the 35 to 45 year-olds can be as high as 50%. This huge number reminded that we have to ask ourselves: stomach, how are you?
  Nieyu Jiang Director introduced, many patients with stomach seek medical attention and medicine, the disease has been alleviated, Hermes belt outlet  do not insist on treatment nursed back to health. But in fact, pain is not necessarily equal to heal. "No pain" stomach, especially to a high degree of vigilance may be a foregone gastrointestinal bleeding or gastric cancer and other serious diseases.  Cheap hermes wallets   Therefore, young people must attach importance to the ulcer is not a small problem, sicker or less than treatment, may cause stomach bleeding, gastric perforation, pyloric obstruction and cancer and other serious consequences.
  Director Nieyu Jiang said, the stomach health seems to have become the most easily overlooked aspect of people's lives. Not only the young, some old people because of leg pain, cardiovascular diseases, cheap hermes shoes  often taking painkillers and anticoagulants, ignoring the protection of the stomach. Nieyu Jiang introduced by the Director, with the development of science and technology, the improvement of living standards, people are living longer and longer. The aging of the population has also brought new problems, such as coronary heart disease, rheumatism, bone disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,  cheap hermes handbags outlet   sick people increased significantly, resulting aspirin, Fenbid and other anti-inflammatory painkillers or anti-platelet agents taking more and more Multi. While taking these drugs, easy to damage the gastric mucosa, causing peptic ulcer or stomach bleeding. Some of the old people because of leg pain, cardiovascular diseases, often taking painkillers and anticoagulants, but they ignore the protection of the stomach.  hermes kelly purse   Clinical study found that 46% -75% of the long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs in patients, there is a history of stomach bleeding or ulcers. Especially in the U.S., a year in patients hospitalized more than 100,000 people.
  So, how to avoid these drugs damage the stomach?  cheap hermes jewelry   Nieyu Jiang Director recommends that the first stomach of a comprehensive understanding and inspection, to be a gastroscopy, and then decide how to treat, how to take medicine. He cautioned that older people with age-related diseases, the body may exist in a variety of risk factors, not free agents. Better to check first, consult a doctor, try to choose the relative safety of the gastrointestinal tract painkillers,  birkin handbags outlet   so that "analgesic", "protect the stomach," correct.
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