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Such a day: work, snow, eats and award!!!!!!!!

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:23pm
My first award!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Jennifer Running with Food and Julia Santa Barbara Dreaming I received my first blog award! I'm so so soooooo happy! I just began to blog a month ago and I already feel part of a great community. You people are so fun, supportive, insightful, much more than I was looking for. When I began to blog I just wanted to record my random eats and thoughts. I've never thought that you would want to read my poor English writing. And many of you comment in almost every single post, I'm just amazed by you guys! I can't express how much I appreciate your comments, encouragement, advices and sweet words in my low/blue days! I was feeling lonely, since graduate student life in a foreign country isn't simple, sometimes could be really tough. Even though I don't know you in real life (hopefully I will), I feel that I can trust you to express my deep concerns and thoughts and you would give me your most sincere advices and good wishes. Thank you!

The Super Scribbler Award:

Here are the rules that come along with this great award:
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Link to me for giving it to you
3. Link the originating post here
4. Pass it on to five deserving people
5. Post these rules for your recipients

I'm so honored to pass the award to these incredible ladies:

  1. Tiffany, Miss tiffie MUNCHES
  2. Liz, VeggieGirl (I know that people already gave her the award, but I need to give it to her again!!!)
  3. Erin and Andrea, Care to Eat
  4. Krista, Krista's Kravings
  5. Megan, Megan's Munchies (she just received it too, but she's so amazing that she deserves it more than twice)

Okay. Now back to my day. I woke up 5am. I don't know what's happening to me, but I'm waking up earlier and earlier. Fortunately it didn't affect my day. Actually I was quite productive.Breakfast: No-oatmeal today. I wanted to try Tj's muffins that I got last weekend. I had half with laughing cow, half with PB. I also had an apple that I heated it 2 min in the microwave, topped with flax meal and cinnamon, 2 big tbsp of ricotta.

It was delicious although I thought that it won't hold me for long.Morning snack after 4 hours (longer than I thought): coco's trail mix + more H2H.

Lunch was non-pasta eggplant lasagna that I made couple of weeks ago with this recipe.

As side dish (maybe main dish, since it was a huge portion) I made a mix of macaroni with frozen green beans with a tomatoes sauce&laughing cow sauce.

oh.... I also had 2 mini-pita and 1 tbsp of homemade hummus as appetizer on a New plate!

Dessert was ricotta with apple sauce.

It was so good that I had a second bowl. ^_^ (to follow the 2 desserts tradition)

Very filling and satisfying lunch!

Went to campus. Back. More work with a marroc.

As the muffin was so yummy this morning I wanted to have it again. Together with a very red-tea (it's called Fruit-Sangria)

More work!

I went to the manicure finally! Before leaving home I put into oven half acorn squash in low. When I came back I just had to make a quick filling (mix of tomatoes, black beans, collard greens, mushrooms, cumin, curry powder, gram marsala, S+P, pinch of sugar).

I also had two small fillet of fish (I don't remember what was exactly), marinated with cooking wine, Tj's seafood seasoning, S+P. I grilled it with canola oil.

And one slide of Tj's 3 seeds bread.

Dessert: fage with frozen strawberries in a New Bowl. HEAVEN! And look my new nail color. It's sparkling!!!

I enjoyed so much every single meal that I had today (well, lately)! I've noticed that since I blog, I pay more attention on how to plan/prepare my meals, always trying to make it more colorful, more creative, and of course more tasty.

The last two days I had my three meals alone (since Savannah spend all day in school). Today when I was eating I wondered what you guys do when you eat alone. Do you read? watch TV? listen to radio/music? or you just enjoy 100% your meal?

Have a great evening, cute people!

oh..I forgot to mention, it's finally snowing here in Maryland!!! All last week gray days were preparing for the snow, hopefully from tomorrow we have sunny days.

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