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Success – Taking the Mind-Body Tools Further

Posted Jan 29 2010 2:50pm
Mind-Body Tools for Success

Mind-Body Tools for Success

I am so excited about this fantastic new program! It combines everything I love – mind-body tools, yoga and body awareness tools, and…coaches!

If you’re not a coach, you might be wondering what’s up with this mind-body tools for success idea.  Let me fill you in!

Though you may be focused on strengthening your mind-body connection to relieve pain, lose weight, and gain health, you will get much more than that in actuality.  Connecting your mind, body, and spirit is about removing blocks.  We all have blocks.  We inadvertently stop ourselves from taking steps to create dreams, innovate, be creative, and put ourselves out there.  When I was in the midst of discovering my own mind-body path to health, I would NEVER have dreamed of writing a blog, starting a coaching business, and doing what I really wanted to do with my life.

In fact, the thought flitted through my mind a few times…”Hmmm, this sure is amazing stuff, the whole mind-body healing process.  I’d love to teach other women with pelvic pain about it.”  This thought was followed by…”Nah.  That’s impossible.”

I was blocked by fear, my own thoughts regarding my abilities, insecurity, perfectionism, and many other things.

Notice, however, that I have indeed realized that dream.  So what happened between the “Nah, that’s impossible” and the present day?  I kept up my mind-body processes.  I released emotional energy, worked my thoughts, and created a strong mind, body, spirit connection.  Now, I know how to play at work, how to create ease in what I do, and how to chart my course and make things happen.  (I like the word magic for this – because it feels SO easy.)  I also know how to course-correct if something isn’t flowing or feeling good.  (Case in point – recently, I discovered I felt overwhelmed.  I used my mind-body tools and discovered that my inner wisdom wanted me to admit I needed help.  So – I hired an assistant.  Ah – relief!)

I also know my own definition of success.  I am free of others’ expectations (my own mind’s desire for approval), and I am in love with my life.  I also know how to love the imperfections of life, the things that don’t go as expected, and the amazing journey my inner wisdom reveals anew each day.  I trust my inner wisdom to steer me, and it does.

Little did you know that these tools are so powerful!  Little did I know, when I started using them myself.  You have much to look forward to, as do I.  I cannot wait to share this understanding and process with the 12 coaches who get to take part in this fun-filled program.  Because – coach or not – the mind-body-spirit connection is in itself one perfectly designed system.  Learn how to get out of the way of the system and watch the magic begin!

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