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Succesful fire sale and organized chaos

Posted Apr 18 2010 6:04pm
Last night Bo and I posted three items on Craigslist in hopes of selling them before our big move on Friday. We were aprehensive since they were all big ticket items. But, our fire sale was very succesful and we were able to end the day with all the items sold! I was sad to part with a few of them but due to the new layout they just didn't make sense. In addition, we were able to order a few great Pottery Barn pieces for our new apartment and take full advantage of our wedding registry discount! It's almost hilarious to say, but one of the pieces is the SAME exact desk we sold today except in espresso versus white. I guess you know a piece of furniture is great when you sell it one day and buy it again the same day in order to make it work in your apartment. I bought the Pottery Barn Bedford desk upon college graduation with some of my gifts and it served as my first desk and the platform for many a conference call, strategy meeting, and hard work during my first two years with P&G.
These sales and the furious packing that took place today left our apartment looking like this:

Yes, it looks like a tornado blew through our apartment. Bo insists that this is organized chaos not just chaos. Today he spent most of the afternoon dismouning speakers, cables, pictures, moving our sold furniture (hence the tv on the window sill), and purged all our cabinets and closets of old clothes, trash, junk, etc. I have quite the donation bag to drop off tomorrow, that's for sure!

During the day we kept things pretty simple and healthy as we had two main goals: eat as much of our food on hand as possible and spend most of our time focused on moving versus cooking. In addition, after a week of travel and stress we both were craving some healthy, clean food! Breakfast was on the skimpy side since we only had 1/4 cup of Egg Beaters and 4 eggs which had to be split between the two of us.

We headed downstairs around 1pm for a quick break. I'd written 25 thank you notes at this point and Bo had finally removed all the pictures and speakers. I can't believe we have to basically do this all over again next weekend when we move in our new place. *sigh* I was craving a hearty salad and luckily they had a California Salad downstairs that was delicious. It featured some strawberries, mango, blueberries, mixed greens, tomatoes, and raspberry viniagrette. I added a boca burger for some extra protein and staying power. It was HUGE and therefore I left at least 1/4 of it in the bowl.

I headed downstairs for a quick workout later and was inspired by Naomi of One Fit Foodie . She featured a great HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout on Missy's blog today during her guest post. I jotted it down and hit the treadmill for a 30 min session. Today's workout went like this:
Minute Speed

0-2 4.0, 4 % incline (warm up)
2-3 6
3-4 6
4-5 6.5
5-6 7.0
6-7 7.5
7-8 8.0
8-9 6
9-10 6
10-11 6.5
11-12 7.0
12-13 7.5
13-14 8.0
14-15 6.0
15-16 6.0
16-17 6.5
17-18 7.0
18-19 7.5
19-20 8.0
20-21 8.5
21-30 6.0

Phew! This left me breathless but refreshed! I loved the speed intervals and my lungs are improving each day! I stayed on the treadmill for another 20 minutes at 4.0 speed and 6.0 incline while catching up on this month's Self magazine. I spent the final 20 minutes doing some bosu ball ab exercises, squats, and arms. All in all this was a great, convenient, and quick workout. Immediately upon return, I made a chocolate covered strawberry shake! It was a new one for me but hit the spot and satiated my hunger.
5 strawberries chopped
6-7 cubes ice
1/2 c Almond Breeze
1/2 c water
1/2 packet Amazing Grass Chocolate
1/2 spoonful of protein powder

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