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Succeeding at Eating All Natural

Posted Jul 05 2012 12:31pm

Today I tell you my secrets on how to succeed at eating a natural diet. It has been officially TWO months since my family started on the path of natural eating. Has it been hard, yes. Would I do it again, yes. Have we succeeded, YES.

Even though my family has gone all natural by eliminating processed foods from our diet, we have had our share of slip-ups. In reality natural eating is a life long change that has a lot to do with changing your thought process.

So here are my tips for helping your family succeed at eating all natural

1) Read before you consume
Can you explain everything that is in what you are eating? If not put it down!

2) How many steps did it have to make before it got to the table
Count! No seriously… count! You might be shocked by what says organic but is so processed that the steps of it all are well… A LOT!

3) Don’t be fooled by titles
Just because you buy something that says Organic, all natural, non-processed…. that doesn’t mean much. Go back to the ingredients and see what really is inside…. then count the steps.

4.) Understand your fuel
All food is fuel. Some of it is high quality while others are not. Before you consume think about the type of fuel your food is giving you. Is it making your body stronger or is it just helping it get through the afternoon?

5.) Eating natural can be fun
Really it can! I allowed my son to help me shop. He’s two. Was I crazy….ummm yes! He picked out two choices from the produce aisle. Wrapped them up and put them in the cart. What did he pick? A Orange and a Red Bell Pepper. When we got home, he took out his choices and we made a snack. Now every time we go into the grocery store my son wants to select two items from produce section to try. As a parent you seriously can’t beat that!

Tomorrow I answer questions that have been asked about going all natural. Do you have a question you want answered? Leave it below and I will answer them tomorrow!

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