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Posted Feb 01 2010 9:02pm

I am pretty proud of myselfI made sushi today!

It was tough getting out of bed this morning.  We didn’t go to bed until really late last nightand for some reason I couldn’t sleep very well.  I kept tossing and turningand couldn’t get myself to the right temperature.  I felt like Goldilocks.

This bed is too hot!


This bed is too cold.


But when I eventually got out of bed and had a PB&Nutella sammy for breakfast (with a braeburn)it was just right.


Mid-morning I found out that my new laptop for workwhich was supposed to arrive tomorrowwas now going to arrive today!  Yippee!  That was the good news.  The bad news was that I couldn’t leave the house until the UPS man camebecause I knew I would have to sign for the package and he wouldn’t leave it if I wasn’t home.  I was kind of stressed because I promised S that I would go to the DMV for him and drop off his paperwork to get a new license plate for his motorbike.  Some time since he got itthe license plate got lost.  He thinks that it fell off in the very beginningas he was driving it home from the guy’s house where we bought it (he felt something hit his foot on the highway and didn’t really think anything of itbut only later realized that the license plate was missing). 

So all day I sat sitting on my handswaiting for him to come so that I could get to the DMV before it closed.  Ohand did I mention that I HATE THE DMV??

Lunch was a fantastic huge salad with the usual on topwith the addition of crab meatavocadoand chestnuts. 


Chestnuts are fabulous!  Especially when I don’t have to do any work to get them out of the shell.

Afternoon snackie was a raspberry pomegranate bar.


I have to admitas crappy as that yogurt drizzle is for youit is delicious.

Then came the fun part.  My sushi making!  I broke out the ricesushi rice seasoning and seaweed that we got at the asian market over the weekend.


First I cooked the rice (obv.)  Then I stirred in the sushi seasoning.  We got this as a shortcutrather than mixing the rice with the rice vinegar mixture to make it a little bit sticky and give it that sushi flavor.

I cut the seaweed sheets in half and laid them on a cookie sheet.  I spread a layer of rice on each oneleaving about 1/2 inch uncovered on both sides.


The rice was very sticky and hard to spread. 

Then I put the toppings on!  This pic happens to be a spicy tuna with cucumber.


I also made raw salmon with avocado and cucumber rollsand california rolls (with and without avocado.)

Here are my rolls… all rolled up! 


It was kind of hard to roll themtoo.  You are supposed to use a bamboo sheet thingie to help roll them.  That provides consistent pressure and makes sure that the rolls are tight enoughbut not too tight so that they break.  But… I didn’t have one of those roll-y thingies.


So I used my hands :)


Then I cut the rolls…


Not too badright?


The tuna ones were easier to cut because they stuck together better.


California rolls…


Spicy tuna rolls…


And my dinner plate!  You can barely see the pretty sushi plates we ate off of :)


Add some grapes for my fruit,


And my dessert plate.  Some swiss cookies and swiss chocolate!


Now if you’ll excuse meJack is waiting for me.  And I don’t want to keep him waiting….

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