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Stylish Blogger

Posted Jan 14 2011 12:00am

Brittney at Life in a Holding Pattern tagged me for the award of Stylish Blogger! Thank you Brittney!!

What to do:
1. Make a post and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Give 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pick 15 recently discovered bloggers to share the love with
4. Email them to let them know they’ve won.

Hmmm…What to say about me…

1) I’m an only child. But thankfully my mom and her sister have a very close relationship and her four children (my cousins) I have always thought of as my siblings. So I kind of have 3 sisters and a brother.

2) I thought my dad played for the Bruins. When I was younger, he would go to play hockey with the guys wearing a Bruin’s jersey. As the impressionable 6-year-old that I was, I thought he played for the hockey team.

3) I grew up wanting to be a marine biologist. Well, namely, a dolphin trainer at Sea World. I almost went to college for biology but when my dad mentioned that I would be away for 6 months out of the year on the ocean, studying, I quickly changed my mind. Then I went to school for interior design; then switched to hospitality.

4) I was the band, chorus, drama geek in high school. I did track and field for 1 year in 8th grade, but for the most part, I played the trumpet in the band, sang alto in the chorus and played supporting roles in drama. Fitness didn’t come to me until after I graduated college in 2006.

5) I hate HATE raw tomatoes. But I love them stewed, in soups, and ketchup.

6) My favorite country that I visited is Ireland. I went there with school in 2004 and ever since then, I have been pining to go back. If I could live anywhere else in the world, Ireland would be it.

7) With my job, I get to meet a lot of celebrities. My favorites were Stephen Colbert, Mike Shinoda and Goran Visnjic.

Now, 15 bloggers that I have just recently discovered or just love reading every day.

Blissful Runner
Brie Fit
Constant Cravings: A Journey to Thin
Food, Fitness, Fashion
Fun and Fearless in Beantown
Melissa Nibbles
Nutrition Nut on the Run
Runners Cookie
Say What You Need to Say
Stephanie Inspired
Pursuit of Healthfulness
Learning To Be Mommy
Meals and Miles
What Kate is Cooking
Moves ‘n’ Munchies

I have a busy busy weekend coming up! I probably won’t be able to blog until Sunday night. What are you up to this weekend?

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