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Style Expert: Fitness Fashion with Bianca Jade!

Posted Dec 16 2011 6:27am

Oh man, you guys know how much I love cute workout clothes. So when I was on one of my random walks through the blogosphere, I came across . Bianca, the creator of the site basically lives the life of a stylist…but for fitness fashion only! And she even styles celebs who love to sweat. OMG so cool. I am so jealous. SOOO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW.

We tweeted back and forth for a while and then I asked if I could call her to just talk. Was so happy she said yes and we totally clicked. I mean, 2 girls with fitness closets almost bigger than their regular closets? C’mon, how could we not!!! I asked Bianca to give us POPsters some tips for looking fab while getting fit and here is her expert advice. Enjoy!

  •  Name: Bianca Jade
  • Location: NYC baby!
  • Occupation: Fitness Trend Expert, Sportswear Stylist, & Fitness Fashion Blogger
  • 3 words that best describe you: Rule-breaker, Visionary, Movement

Briefly introduce yourself and your story:

My name is Bianca Jade but I go by MizzFIT to most who know me for what I do on . I guess you could say I’m a fitness fanatic who left a career in advertising to start fresh as a fitness reviewer and reporter. At the time I had no idea what I was doing because I was searching for fulfillment but once I took the plunge, everything began to fall into place. All I know is that I went on a jog one day and the fresh air must’ve really penetrated my brain waves because MizzFIT was born in a matter of minutes (I ran home to write the 1st draft of my business plan). Today,  is an online guide that fuses fitness trends and fashion to get women excited about working out and leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s a destination for women everywhere to learn about the best and most exciting options in fitness-wear and activities (workouts, classes, retreats etc). I’m going on 3 years soon and I couldn’t be more proud of what it’s become and all the opportunities I’ve had and people I’ve met because of it. If it wasn’t for , this article wouldn’t be happening and my life be Blogilates-less! So really, it’s been a journey that I couldn’t be more thankful for.

Best clothing for women with different body types!

  • apple – If you’re rounder in the mid-section, go for a blousy top. It won’t grab at your midsection and will allow for smoother lines that will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Pair a blousy top with a long fitted legging or a stretchy workout pant that flares at the bottom.
  • pear – Got a curvy lower half and hips that score you lots of attention? I hear you because I have them too. Your best bet is staying away from light colored bottoms and investing in dark color tones like gray, black, navy, and plum (I have the cutest pair of dark red capris). Steer clear of long tops because they’ll hit your hips funny. Try to wear shorter, fitted tanks. It’s not about hiding your booty, it’s just about balancing out your halves so that you feel great about your whole look.
  • banana (or ruler/newspaper) - More lean than curvy? That’s easy, just throw on some work out clothes that make you look like you do. I love Lululemon and BodyRock Sport sports bras for a lift and a plump. Look for tanks that have built in padding or plunging necklines to avoid looking boyish up top. Stick to capris and try a fitness skort (which tend to shorten limbs and enhance curves).
  • hourglass – If you’ve got a small waistline, flaunt it! Long tank tops that cinch at the waist line are great for the hourglass physique. Avoid tops that bell out. These are best for hippy girls.

Best color to workout in?

I hate to say it because it’s a cliche’d girlie color, but PINK! It looks good on everyone because it vibes off our skin’s flesh-tones. Everyone has pink in their face and  skin, no matter how light or dark you are. It just depends on what shade of pink you choose. My preference is a hot neon pink or a fuchsia. Experiment and see what shade makes you sparkle most.

Brand worth splurging on?

There’s a new brand called Payne that I’m dying over. It’s not cheap but you’ll be styling in it whether you’re working out, taking a meeting after the gym, or lunching with girlfriends. Here’s a pic of a Payne sports bra I took when I hit up Neiman Marcus on Black Friday. Isn’t it to die for?

Surprising brand that’s cheap but offers quality?

C9 all the way. I have been shopping Champion’s C9 line since it first found it’s home in Target stores. It’s super cheap and you can style it up to make the most fashion forward outfits. You just have to get creative and think a bit outside the box. Don’t just buy and wear the C9 outfits that Target displays. Look at magazines or go on  and translate your favorite everyday fashion-wear trends into fun fitness looks that you can rock confidently at the gym.

Worst fitness fashion crime you’ve seen…

The 3 worst in my opinion are:

1) Sheening leggings – This happens when your workout tights/leggings are terribly thin, too tight or just really worn down that when you bend over or squat, the whole world gets a view of what you’re working with. I’ve seen things that definitely weren’t meant for my eyes.

2) Wearing a lacy Victoria Secret type bra instead of a sports bra. It doesn’t work. Flip-flopping is for politicians, not boobs.

3) Jeans at the gym. I’m personally insulted every time this crime is committed. It’s just not comfortable, sweat resistant or kind to the equipment at the gym. If you like denim, there are tons of stylish bottoms that are made to look just like denim but they’re moisture wicking and fitness friendly.

Fitness fashion trends you’re loving now:

I’m loving the “reflective” trend that Nike is currently championing. It’s all about super functional outdoor performance gear that’s warm as well as rain/wind proof  that reflects light to keep you visible and safe at all times. So if you like to run at night like me, Nike’s Reflective gear will literally glow and shine in oncoming traffic or near an bright light source. You hear too many horror stories about runners and bikers getting hit and sadly wearing white isn’t enough. I can’t imagine dying young and not getting to experience all the incredible fitness that the world has to offer. My mother has always worried about me running at night, so this trend helps pacify her concerns and my desire to live a long life full of fitness activity. Here’s a pic of me in Nike’s Superfly Reflective Running Hat!

What new things should we be expecting in the coming seasons? Colors? Lengths? Fabrics?

Expect to see a lot of mixed fabric activewear pieces that have more texture and dimension to them. Right now I’m loving all the lame’ and faux leather sportswear creations (like the picture of the Payne sports bra). Designers are experimenting more with embellishments too. Crystals and studs aren’t just for a night on the town anymore! One of my favorite designers, Jennie Smithe of 351Yoga is launching an edgy hot yoga-wear line that splits the difference between fabric and straps. It’s a beautiful collection and women who like hot yoga and like to show off their backs aren’t going to be able to resist it. Another great fit-vention to look forward to are Kelly Dooley’s fashionable Body Rock Sport Mastectomy Sports Bras. Giuliana Rancic’s battle with breast cancer has really helped women realize that breast cancer isn’t the end–it can happen to anyone and it doesn’t mean you can’t go on living your life just as fabulously as you were before. BodyRock’s Mastectomy Sports Bras define this kind of thinking.

Thanks Bianca for the GREAT fashion advice. If you’d like to get to know Bianca a little more, here are some ways you can chat with her:

I think a cool fitness fashion collab is in our future :) And ugh Bianca, now I have to go check out Payne. I am scared for my wallet.

Happy Friday guys! Sweat fashionably!

<3 Cassey

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