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Stuffed Peppers, Stuffed Tummies

Posted Jul 11 2010 2:15pm

To celebrate actually being home for the weekend, my friend Amber came to visit with her husband and ever-smiling, long-legged toddler.

a and d  

As Amber’s visits are usually sans-babies, I hardly ever see her little ones. I was shocked at how much her youngest has grown in just over a year!

smiling baby

Of course she loved having a new house to explore and tear apart. Who knew chairs were just as exciting as jungle gyms?!

Chasing babies certainly worked up our appetites, so we braved the heat and broke out the grill!

The menu? Stuffed peppers and green bean & potato salad . There’s a slight possibility I undercooked the potatoes. Ok, definite possibility. Eh, crunchy potatoes are good too, right? (Umm…no…)

potato salad  

We had much better success with the peppers!


2 cans black beans

1 cup veggie cheddar cheese (or any kind)

1 can diced tomatoes with green chiles

1 jalapeno, diced

seasonings galore (I can’t even tell you what I used- I threw everything in!)

stuffed pepper filling

Mix all the ingredients together. If peppers are small, slice tops off. If they’re on steroids like mine, cut in them in half and turn on their sides! Then cram as much filling as possible in. ;)

stuffed peppers

Some of the filling refused to stay in the peppers. I improvised.

Put on hot grill until thoroughly heated & peppers start to char, then serve hot!

stuffed pepper  


a and h

Love weekends with friends!!


(Tomorrow’s MRI verdict day !! Wooohooo!!!!)

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