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Stuff I’m Dig’n Part II

Posted Oct 13 2011 2:22pm

1. Radishes. They’re crunchy lil things that have a weird flavor of mushrooms and onions combined. I don’t get it, but I love’m.

2. The movie 50/50 with Joesph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogan. I did not know till after I saw it, but it was based on a true story of the writer. It’s a beautiful story and really makes you realize the little stuff is nothing in comparison. Oh, and there’s love and crap in it too…

3. Vintage & second-hand book stores. You’d be amazed at what you can find in there. Now that Border’s/Barnes & Noble are gone, and when I just NEED a book, these are the best places to go.  I don’t have an e-reader – I’ll never buy one. Here are a couple fave spots:

- Commonwealth Bookstore on Milk St. in downtown Boston

- Rodney’s on Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

4. Dead Man’s Bones - Ryan Goslings lil band. Ok, I may be a bit bias because I’m in love with him (stupid Notebook…), but this man has got some serious talent! Check out this song:

5. Belly Dancing. Just because. I want to do it, so I signed up – easy as that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

6. New York Bagels with lox. I can’t believe I even tried lox. I don’t do fish. But I went to New York this past weekend and had bagels and lox for Yom Kippur with my BFF and her family. By the way, I’ll never eat another bagel again if it doesn’t come from New York. What do you guys put in them, magic spells?

7. My incredibly busy October. Oktoberfest, King Richards Faire (totally got knighted in axe throwing), TKD  Tournament, local band shows, vacation to Florida, Trip to NY, The Civil Wars concert, birthday parties, costume parties, Halloween parties. PHEW… I’m surprised I even had time to decide on my sweet costume idea!

8. Pumpkin everything. Beer, coffee, bread, cupcakes, cookies, donuts. It’s only the 13th and I’ve officially OD’d on pumpkin for the season. See you next year!

9. Participating in activities that do not revolve around alcohol. Not that I think it’s a problem, but it was becoming expensive, more calories than I needed and I just wanted to experience life without it. I love it! I’ve gone out dancing sans drink in hand, been to bars without drinking, went out to dinner without it. I’ve had a glass on rare occasions (duh, pumpkin?). It should be a treat not the focus.  As you know alcohol is a depressant, so I didn’t want to give myself the ammo to get into a bad mood. I’m sleeping better, I’m more alert, tons more energy and I am whole heartedly enjoying the time with my friends and experiencing exactly what I am without lowered inhibitions. In addition, I’ve dropped a lot of weight and quickly! That’ll boost anyones mood.  Plus… I’m so RICH now!

10. My sweet new go-to hair style. It’s yucky. It’s rainy. It’s windy. It’s in between shampoo days. It’s good for work, hanging out with friends, working out. It’s easy and I can show off my millions of earrings.

So that’s what I’m dig’n so far. There are PLENTY of things that I am not digging this month – but I can’t get into that. This is about positive stuff.

What are you dig’n?

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