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Posted Feb 24 2012 10:16pm

Happy Beginning of the Weekend!

Things/stuff/thoughts/whatever from my week:

- I had my last photography class on Monday. I definitely still suck, but at least now I know what all the buttons are for. Progress! Now, if only I could keep that darn battery charged.

- Ryan and I booked a short trip to NYC in mid-March. Any suggestions for hotels, restaurants, and things to see/do would be highly appreciated! We’d like to stay right in the middle of things. So far our list is – MoMA, Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, and a Knicks game. You can guess who chose that last one.

- Peanut butter mixed w/ plain Greek yogurt makes a good dip.

photo (19)

- I bought a couple of grapefruit spoons. Best decision I made all week.

photo (22)

- I’m still using a Christmas mug. And my oatmeal looks like poo.

photo (23)

- A smoothie in the car with no lid is never a good idea. Just ask Maria .

photo (20)

- I found this cereal at Walgreens of all places. It has 12g of protein and 120 calories per (good size!) serving. No strange ingredients, either. I even thought it tasted good! Kay’s Naturals

photo (26)

- Shamrock Shake? Yeah, not quite. But a spinach/protein smoothie with a little mint extract is a healthy substitute that I’m digging lately. Oh, and that pink/purple straw? I finally got with the program and bought reusable straws at Target – BPA free and color changing, ha!

photo (21)

- Tomorrow I will officially be halfway through the Farrell’s Extreme BodyShaping program! Five week testing is tomorrow morning. I haven’t missed a class yet and I’m still absolutely loving it. More on this soon!

Have a great weekend, all!!

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