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Studying Took Over The Weekend!

Posted Apr 02 2012 7:04am

How was everyones weekend? Mine was nothing exciting .. Just a 12 miler and lots and lots of studying. 

Before I got started, I made myself a yummy breakfast of a 1 egg and 3 egg white omelet with hot sauce, spinach and scallions and a toasted whole wheat bagel from trader joes with some PB and 1/2 a banana – HOLY YUM!
While I made breakfast and ate, I had some steel cut oats cooking on the stove.

I packed 1 cup serving sizes into separate containers so that they’re easy grab-n-go for the week!

1 serving went into a bowl, which I enjoyed for a snack while studying later that morning with some fruit and cottage cheese

Doesn’t it look like fun?

I love me some Microbiology – (insert sarcasm here)! – ha!
Once I finished up micro for the day, I got out of the house and met some awesome friends for lunch at a local restaurant. It was great to catch up with them and we had some great food :)
I had the #3 and added some grilled chicken for protein. It was REALLY yummy. I opted for the side salad instead of the fries but got both! I finished the salad and just tasted the “fries” to see what they were like (aka. baked potato wedges with locatelli). I had enough with the sandwich and salad – so filling and satisfying!
I headed back home and started studying for advanced nutrition – 2 exams in one week is killer!
I started to get hungry around 5pm, but didn’t want dinner food yet – so I whipped up my first ever smoothie in a bowl! 
1/2 banana, 1/2 cup fresh, frozen blueberries, 1 container FAGE total 0% plain greek yogurt and a splash of Silk Original Unsweetened Almond milk – blended up smoothie style and poured into a bowl :)
I topped it with my Go Nutty Granola – SO good!
I studied for the rest of the evening. Enjoyable sunday right?! 
I took one more break - you need breaks when studying! – and made myself some dinner. I roasted up some brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes (enough for multiple meals). Then I made myself a quick baked flounder in a white wine, lemon-y sauce.
I quickly ate while watching the beginning of the American Country Awards. I wish I could’ve watched the entire thing :(
I am a HUGE country fan. I HATE when studying makes me miss my favorite shows – I’ll be missing DWTS tonight as well : /.
I’ve heard great things about the awards show last night and will be searching for a re-run so I can be amazed as well!
Well folks, I’m off to make myself some lunch before I get back to studying!  - boo!
Were you able to watch the ACMs? How were they?
Have a Happy Monday!
~ L
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