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Studies have shown that toxic waste dump damage near the children's intelligence

Posted May 07 2013 9:07am
  A developing countries such as India, the Philippines and Indonesia toxic waste dump studies have shown that children living near a garbage dump a lot of exposure to lead. High blood lead levels affect their mental development.
  Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers 6 a children's medical meetings held in Washington reported that,  cheap christian louboutin online   in 2010, their soil and drinking water lead levels of 200 toxic waste dumps in 31 developing countries measurement, then estimated life blood lead levels of about 78 million children around the garbage dump. It was found that these children's blood lead levels ranging from 15 micrograms per liter to 1040 micrograms for children 4 years old and 4 years of age the average blood lead levels of 210 micrograms per liter.
  The first author of the study Chatham - Dr. Stephens said in a statement, cheap louboutin outlet    the average blood lead levels of children in the United States is about 13 micrograms per liter, while the average in their object of study, the 4-year-old and 4-year-old children the blood lead levels exceed the standard for lead poisoning. High blood lead levels lead to every child IQ loss of 5 cents to 8 minutes, red bottom shoes on sale  about six thousandths of children with mild mental retardation, that is, IQ less than 70.
  Lead can cause serious, long-term health consequences, cheap christian louboutin outlet    such as damage to a child's cognitive development and lead to mental retardation. But had few studies side effects brought about by the toxic waste dumps in developing countries. Chatham - Stephens said that their research is very important, because it shows that long-term exposure to low-and middle-income countries with toxic waste dump children's blood lead levels may have been higher, cheap christian louboutin heels  it should be cause for concern.
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