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Student Fitness has grown since ...

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:57pm

Student Fitness has grown since it’s inception a few months ago and, realistically, it should no longer be a one man show. There is more demand for the niche content we offer here at Student Fitness than I am able to supply. I have been busy, I’m not going to lie, I have alot of other things going on at the moment. I do WANT to give readers a new post daily, however I don’t have the time.

Solution: Bring on some writers…


That’s right, you heard it. Student Fitness is in the market for College (preferably, but not nescessarily) Health and fitness enthusiast. Since I want to make sure we maintain our focus on the college environment I need to make sure that additional writers (additional, because I do intend to continue to write) have the same expertise in the college environment and are able to give advice to college students which takes their unique lifestyle into account.

You hear that? If you want to write about common health topics you need not apply.

If you want to explore the vast topic of Health and Fitness for the college setting then this is the place for you. I have a ton of topics in mind for upcoming articles, and eventual products. Writers coming on-board can write about their own ideas having to do with Student Fitness or if they need alittle help getting the creative juices flowing I can suggest a variety of subjects.


Sadly, at this point in time I am unable to pay. This website is covering it’s expenses but that’s about it.

It is NOT turning a profit - yet. Perhaps in the near future when the site generates more than subsistence level revenue we can compensate our contributors in money, and I am open to that - in the future. But we do get a fair bit of traffic. We have a steady stream of regulars and we get many new readers from our dear friends at google everyday.

Hence, this would be a great position for bloggers/writers who have their own website and would like to expand their realm of influence by contributing to Student Fitness as well.

I have no problem giving links to our writers personal websites, as long as it’s in our readers best interest (i.e. no spam, no pushy salesmen)

Contact Me: 

If you are interested in writing for Student Fitness please email me at:

and please put: ” Help Wanted ” or “ Writer Wanted ” in the subject line as this will make sure I sort to your email ASAP.

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