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Strong is the new Skinny

Posted Mar 07 2013 8:07am

Handstand pushup

Over the past 9 months I’ve completely changed my fitness mindset.

Before my goal was always to be skinny. Lose the butt, drop a pant size or two, flatten the abs, but keep the boobs of course. Size 2 or 4 was the goal.

I got to that goal, for a hot second. I wasn’t eating properly and obsessing over calories just so the number on the scale would match the number in my head. Oh and did I mention I was a raging bitch at the time? Yea, that’s what happens when you deprive your body of the nutrients it deserves and live off fat-free everything.

Once the dieting stopped the weight returned soon after. Paired with some frustration and self-hating too.

2013-03-06 14.36.10

This all changed when I decided to drop the skinny fitness mindset and focus on just becoming stronger.

I learned that my body is built for strength.

My shoulders want to heave weights above my head.

My leg yearn for squats.

My back is ready to carry the heavy load.

My feet want to propel off the ground.

My body wants to be strong, not skinny.

2013-03-06 14.37.55

When I let my body do it’s thing, it did it. And it keeps doing it day in and day out. I love it.

It’s weird how that happens, right? When you STOP trying to force your body into something skinnier, smaller, bigger because someone else told you that’s what beauty looks like – you will find the results you are looking for.

I’m amazed at what my body can do these days. Each day is a little test – can I do more reps of this? Can I beat my time? Can I add more weight?

Can I do a handstand pushup?

2013-03-06 15.21.30

Damn straight I can.

But as any fitness lover knows, you gotta have the right clothes to show up and bring the action.

Ellie Fitness apparel just released their March line and it’s awesome, and their February line is curve-hugging wonderfulness. It hugs all the right places and let’s my body do it’s thing. They have been kind enough to give Morningstar Project readers 20% off their purchases for the month of March!

2013-03-06 15.07.32

Click on the link below to check out their site, take the fitness quiz, and pick out your new workout wear!

*This post is sponsored by Ellie Fitness apparel. I’m wearing the After Dark tank and Kiss Me Capri. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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