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Strike Sugar Until New Years Eve!

Posted Nov 15 2012 7:05pm
Good evening Beautiful,

Tomorrow is Friiiiday!! Wahoo!! It’s almost the weekend and almost my VACATION! I’m actually celebrating a bit early because I’m enjoying a nice class of French red wine that a friend of mine got me for my birthday! See …

… it’s delish!
What a crap day it’s been, and not in a “crappy day” type way, but I didn’t get to work out and I ate like 3 chocolate cookies, and now I’m having wine. Hmph. I woke up with a massive headache which I blame on being dehydrated but it also caused me to be really tired. I mentioned in a previous post that my doctor is recommending I get some more blood work to test out my thyroid to see if that’s what’s causing me to be tired all of the time. I will probably do it sometime next week when I’m on vacation and I really hope that my thyroid is the reason. I would love to have a regular amount of energy like everyone else without having to rely on coffee or tea to help pick me up. Anyways, I started the day off great in terms of food. I had some steak and brussel sprouts for breakfast. For lunch I had my homemade potato leek soup with steak and for a mid-afternoon snack I had some raw carrots, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes. Then I went to heat up my huge cup of tea because I was cold, and there, beside the microwave in my office was these reeeeeeally thin, chocolate cookies that a co-worker brought in. WEAKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!I ate like 3-4. Ok 5. Ooooook 7. I really did only eat 7 (I say only because they’re like soooo thin like paper, 7 is basically like 1 cookie, right?). I don’t know why I’ve really wanted carbs lately. Not the good carbs either – like bad, processed, refined carbs that do no good for the body. Sooooo today I’m starting my own little personal challenge. This is totally copying from Tosca Reno’s pledge to Strike Sugar, and basically what I’m aiming to do is #StrikeSugar from now, until the holidays are over! For me, the holiday’s being over mean’s New Year ’s Eve, because on New Year’s eve I plan on consuming some alcohol and some food and I’m going to be really good until then. Christmas eve is going to be SO HARD and same with Christmas day. Normally my aunt makes poppycock for everyone for Christmas but I believe she said this year she wasn’t making it – so that temptation is gone! Wheew! The only other temptation I can think of around Christmas is when my family gathers at Christmas eve and my other Aunt makes tons of gluten free sweets which usually suck me in. Not this year! I know she reads this too so this is a forewarning that I will not be eating your delicious snacks. Soooorry! So from tomorrow until New Year’s Eve is 45 days away, and 45 days of no processed sugar/foods so please send me your motivation and keep an eye out for my updates because trust me, I will be doing a countdown daily!****disclaimer… this challenge does NOT include wine or vodka soda. I cannot have juices or pop while drinking, but the wine and vodka water isn’t counting. I don’t care what you say J.I guess because I haven’t worked out in two days (this week has been an epic fail in terms of workouts) I can’t really talk much about workouts, except for the fact that I do plan on doing a kick ass workout tomorrow…. I’m feeling either a really intense upper body workout, or a really intense lower body workout. I know I don’t want to do a full body workout but I do really want to focus on one area + core. It will probably be a spur of the moment type thing or a WOD type circuit. I’m feeling that for sure J. If you haven’t seen it already, you must check out the Frosty Fitness Challenge that Michelle and I are hosting!! It’s amazing – this week’s challenge is to run 20km by Sunday (This… is still doable for some people!) and we have prizes for three special people! Our Frosty Fitness Challenge will be 5 weeks in length, long enough to bring us right up to Christmas! This week’s prizes come to us from Chick Bands and Bondi Band – for this week’s full article, you can click here ! You can join in at anytime, and tag Michelle and I in your #proof and use the hashtag #FrostyFitnessChallenge! We have like 30 people doing it so far - it's AMAZING! One person told us how the challenge has inspired her to get back to her running again, and others have told us how it's a great way to get them motivated to get moving, so I'm SO happy and grateful that it's motivating you guys!! Speaking of motivation, today I got the cutest comment on one of the blog posts I did for The GoodLife Fitness blog ( found here )...
I really enjoy reading your articles! I am a 70 yr old female who joined the gym for the 1st time in my life. I have a personal trainer helping me to meet my goals which is to get my self esteem back by losing 30-40 lb.,dropping at least 2 sizes etc. I really hope and pray that I do it.
How amazing is this? I actually took the time to email this lady personally because I was so touched by her comment. I really hope that she sticks with her fitness goals! It sounds like she's really motivated since she's got herself a trainer and is definitely on the right track! There is an amazing lesson here folks - it's NEVER too late to start on your fitness journey and to turn your life around for the better! This made me so happy :).For those of you who are curious about who won the David’s Tea Giveaway – my friend Andrea won it!! I was super excited when her name was picked by Rafflecopter because I know how much she enjoys tea – her and I used to be officemates! Wheeeew! Congrats A-Mac (Well, A-Henderson now) – you should have gotten the tea either today, or maybe tomorrow? J Let me know! This is us... like.... 4 years ago? I look young.
Anyways – this was a short post mostly because I haven’t worked out and I don’t want to get in deep on the fact that I ate like crap today so I’m going to end here and watch Long Island Medium. Toodle-loo!

Stay sweet.
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