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Posted Jun 01 2010 12:00am

Gee-whiz it’s been a long day. I’m just now sitting down for the first time all day, really and it feels so good.

This week is going to be very busy and stressful:

  • It’s Parent’s Week at my eikaiwa (English school), which basically translates into me running around like a chicken with my head cut off–trying to make every lesson this week as perfect as possible. Parents have the option of sitting in on their child’s classes this week and putting me under the microscope. Most parents do not attend, as a matter of fact, the exact same parents come every time. Those are the pickiest parents, though, and the hardest to impress. My lack of Japanese (therefore I can’t really talk to my students mothers–fathers never attend) and my teaching inexperience make this a stressful and tough week.

    (On the positive-side, though, this is my 3rd Parent’s Week and it has gotten easier every time.)

  • Jeremy’s Japanese language test is this coming Sunday. He has one week to cram as much as possible into his brain. He’s been studying his little butt off for the past 3-4 months and it shows, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will pass this test. I really, really am praying he passes. He’s worked hard and will be crushed if he doesn’t. Send some good vibes his way.
  • I have to make a choice: either start waking up around 5-5:15 in the morning to run or start running after work in the evenings. Today’s run was so miserably hot and exhausting, I quickly came to the conclusion I cannot continue running mid-day in this heat/humidity. Not even one run/walk interval into my run I was tired and exhausted from the weather combination. I pushed through and did have a nice run, but it was almost impossible to truly catch my breath with the moist, hot air being sucked into my lungs.

    (I’m really not a morning person, but I hate giving up my husband-time in the evenings, too.)

Blogging may be a little scarce this week, but I’ll do what I can.

Which would you choose? Wake up early and knock out a run or wait until the sun sets and you’ve got the day behind you?

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