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Strengthening supervision of food circulation to prevent food poisoning

Posted Jun 10 2013 7:41am
  Recently, some areas have been many mass food poisoning incident, the public health and safety hazards caused by the individual incident has aroused concern. State Food and Drug Supervision Administration Office today issued an "effectively strengthen the summer circulation consumer aspects of food safety supervision to prevent food poisoning," which called on all localities to strengthen food safety risk prevention awareness, strengthen circulation consumer aspects of food safety regulation, hermes bags outlet  effective prevention of bacterial food poisoning and other food safety accidents, food safety and protection of people's health.
  "Notice" requirement, to increase the risk investigation efforts, serious outstanding problems of food safety governance. hermes birkins bags  Around in a comprehensive sort, a careful analysis of the regulatory region in recent years, food safety incidents, based on the judgments regulatory food safety incidents within the region the focus sessions, key areas, key links and key features of the product and take effective measures to increase supervision and inspection,  cheap birkin handbags   investigation and management of security risks, prevent food safety accidents. 
  "Notice" pointed out the need to further strengthen the supervision and sampling of food, improve supervision targeted. According to notify relevant authorities throughout the food safety risk monitoring and risk assessment, as well as supervision and inspection, in close connection with local realities, for regional, seasonal, festive food consumption patterns, the spirit of "focused, supervision according to law, risk prevention "principle, focusing on food varieties of lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, arsenic, mercury and other content as well as" lean ", microbes, aflatoxin and other mycotoxins, nitrite preservatives and sweeteners,  Cheap hermes belt   bleach Indicators Project to further increase the sampling efforts to increase the sampling frequency, sampling to expand the scope of, and effectively organize good food safety supervision and sampling work. For sampling found violations, according to the law severely punished. 
  "Notice" requirements, increase efforts to investigate and deal with cases of illegal food to deter offenders.  Hermes shoes outlet   All localities should focus on law enforcement forces, and effectively increase efforts to investigate and deal with cases, and always keep the pressure up, and severely punished illegal circulation aspects of food consumption. At the same time, but also to strengthen the daily supervision found that consumer complaints and reports reflect public opinion and  kelly bags on sale  the media in food clues of the investigation, and strengthen the illegal clues summary, analysis and case supervision and supervision, timely detection and severely punished illegal. Establish a sound administrative law enforcement and criminal justice effective working mechanism of convergence. Suspected of a crime, according to the law promptly transferred to public security organ for handling. 
  "Notice" stressed the need to improve the emergency response mechanism, strengthen the emergency response. Country according to the actual situation in the regulatory regions, improve the food safety emergency response mechanisms, improve the emergency plan, a clear disposal procedures,  Cheap hermes wallets   and strengthen emergency duty. To organize prevention and disposal of food poisoning and other food safety incidents special training in a timely manner to carry out emergency drills. On the occurrence of suspected food poisoning incident, the first time to organize forces to investigate and deal with according to law, so responsive, fast response, disposal effective, timely reporting in accordance with regulations, not to conceal, misrepresent or delay. 
  In addition, the "notice" that localities should strengthen the supervision of food business units within the region and catering service units of knowledge of food safety laws and regulations, in particular the prevention of food poisoning knowledge, advocacy training, and enhance food business units and units in charge of catering services, food Security management of food safety awareness and risk awareness.  cheap louboutin shoes   Urge the responsible person of the enterprise organizations to develop food poisoning and other food safety emergency disposal plan, regularly check the food safety within the enterprise implementation of preventive measures,  red bottom shoes on sale   the investigation of food safety risks and take timely and effective control measures to eliminate food safety hazards. 
  Around the food and drug regulatory and commercial administrative departments should strengthen cooperation and  christian louboutin pumps   coordination work, the formation of regulatory work together to make sure institutional reform during the food safety supervision work continued, the intensity diminished.  localities should pay close attention to public opinion trends, timely communication and public opinion information, respond to community concerns seriously and correctly guide public opinion, prevent all malicious speculation. discount louboutins shoes  In accordance with the relevant food safety information release requirements, strict implementation of information dissemination and management work required to implement the major issues of information disclosure report, review, approval and other systems, work discipline, strict working procedures to enhance information management, and actively maintain social harmony and stability.
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