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street corner symphony & race training woes

Posted Feb 16 2013 8:42am
I somehow accomplished very little yesterday, including writing this blog post. I did, however, take a nap, which in retrospect was an awesome decision considering that we went to bed late, and I, like the crazy person I am, woke up wayyyyy too early after sleeping poorly. (And I've got 6.5 miles on the books today... more on that later.) Such is life.

Street Corner Symphony at Jammin' Java
Last night we broke our normal routine of "act like old people even though we're in our twenties" and headed out for a post-Valentine's date night. We scored a Google Offer to a restaurant that Mike loves, 2941, and Mike very sweetly gave me tickets to go see Street Corner Symphony , one of our favorite groups from The Sing Off , at a nearby club.

I'm totally an a cappella nerd -- one of the many hats I wore in my college days was as "Pitch" of an all-female group -- and these guys were amazing! I loved their energy in person, their showmanship was fun and silly without being cheesy, and they nailed every song they performed. They also threw in a couple vocal percussion performances such as this "ping pong match:"

Crazy, right? Mike and I will definitely be following Street Corner's tour dates more closely next time around so that we can snag a seat up front and get up close and personal with the action.

Race Training Woes
I'm a little worn out from jamming with SCS last night and not sleeping very well, and I'm supposed to run a whole bunch this morning. It's a grey, gross weekend here in Washington and the temperatures have fallen back down to "cover up every possible part of your body while running," which I don't enjoy. It was supposed to be raining/snowing, but it seems to be holding off for now.

I had just planned to bang out this run on the treadmill given the weather, but I've never completed more than 3.5 miles indoors. It's just too boring for me. On the other hand, I've got a ton to do this weekend between schoolwork, household chores, and family time - the extra day isn't even giving me any relief about how much I've got going on, and the sheer act of getting outside and on the trail adds a ton of time to my run.

I think time is the hardest factor for me to cope with when I'm training for races. I can usually psyche myself up and bang out the miles or push myself in terms of speed, but when I have so many competing priorities, it's training that loses out.

Based on time alone, I think I'll be spending the next hour or so on the treadmill. Wish me luck, energy,  and the ability to banish thoughts of boredom as they crop up!

Happy President's Day Weekend!
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