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Strata Schemes Management by

Posted Oct 10 2013 11:27am

Many owners who purchase a strata unit are unaware of the numerous duties and obligations imposed on them by the development act, the management act and regulations and bylaws. This is particularly so if they move from detached dwellings to the strata lot. Unfortunately, these duties and obligations can be difficult to locate as they appear randomly throughout the legislation rather than in particular parts. The main duties and obligations imposed on the strata lot owner a detailed in the development act, the management act and regulations and bylaws.

Under the development act a strata owner must lodge building alteration plan with the registrar general's office within one month before wall or ceiling or structural cubic space of lot being demolished or constructed in such a way as to the nature of the boundary is recorded on the strata plans. When this provision is breached, whatever penalty specified in an Act of Parliament as a statutory rule, it shall be the automatic penalty imposed on offender by a court unless the court decides to impose lesser amount. The second major element is that if an owner is aware of a building strata scheme with a dominant tenement,

In the case of the development act the owners must comply with covenants incorporated by the registered development contract concerning a proposed development scheme affecting the scheme. Where a strata development exists owners must not obstruct or hinder the director-general of the Department of Commerce if he or she wishes to enter upon any part of the scheme for the purpose of determining if assistance should be granted to the owner or owners corporation or to commence or to defend proceedings before the land and environment court. Finally under this piece of legislation strata owners in apartment building strata schemes must comply with covenants incorporated in a registeredstrata schemes management perth.

An owner is obliged to witness the affixing of the common seal if that owner is one of two only owners in the strata scheme or if that owner has been appointed to witness the affixing by owner is Corporation executive committee

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