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Stop Not Running!

Posted Jan 14 2013 5:51pm
1/14/13 Sweaty Results:
Run: 4.02 miles in 35:37 minutes; not anything groundbreaking or earth shattering for me but respectable considering my long vacation from the run.
Strength: Shoveled snow for 45 minutes. Rawrrrrrr!
Cute puppy to distract you from my lame post. Do you like how we puppy-proof? Painters tape and bubble-wrap. p.s. It doesn't work, she loves eating tape :/
Question of the Day:
Who starts training today for a 5K this Saturday... besides an idiot? 


Don't be me. Me is going for a PW this weekend. What's a PW, you ask? It's a Personal Worst. A term Brett slapped on me last week. I laughed, like really laughed. But then I cried a little inside because he's 100% right. 

I will be going for my PW if I don't get my act together. My new mantra is:

STOP NOT RUNNING! (I should make a t-shirt.)

Yes, I know. It's a double-negative. Thank you Captain Ruin-All-My-Fun. Stop Not Running makes sense to me so leave me alone to bask in my double-negativeness. 

Tomorrow's Sweaty Sesh:
Run: 3 x 1600 race pace (I have no idea what this means. Does that mean I can skip it?)

Wanna Share?
Fill in the blank: I will stop not ___________. (examples: eating healthy, working out, training, being aware, living for the moment, walking, etc.)
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