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Stooopid iPhone

Posted Nov 14 2012 8:09am
A good friend of mine is getting married in the end of January, and I'm soo excited for 3 reasons
  1. She's gettin' hitched. Ahhh!!
  2. I get to play violin for the wedding, which is more special to me than being a bridesmaid. I get to contribute to the flow of tears:)
  3. It's in Arizona, a.k.a. a break from the Chicago winter when I'll need it most.
I can't wait for all the wedding festivities! 

bfast: green juice

lunch: black bean soup and a whole wheat baguette from Panera Bread.

I took a picture...and then my phone died. The picture is gone, but the memory lives on (sorry - was that too cheesy?). It was tasty!

I was out running errands all morning, hence the lunch stop at Panera. Mid way through the errands I went to the Apple store on N. Michigan Ave to see what they could do about my iPhone, and it looks like I'm stuck with my iPhone 3 for another three weeks until my upgrade. It turns out that flirting with the Apple tech guy won't work so well when he's a she. Since when did Apple start hiring so many females to work the genius bar?

I'm not complaining. Equal rights for all.

But since my iPhone is so fickle and the battery decides to cut off at the worst moments, pictures are going to be hit or miss for the next three weeks!

snacky-snack: clif bar and iced soy latte with an extra shot.

din: loaded cabbage soup from  Chelsey .

post-dinner snack: tortilla chips and black bean dip

And that was my day! Plain and simple.

This morning will consist of 4 things
- christmas music
- sweatpants
- coffee shop
- grad school applications

Because when the first 3 things on the list are SO great, the 4th doesn't seem so bad:)

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