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STL: La Bonne Bouchee Cucumber Soup

Posted Aug 22 2011 7:27am

Welcome back to Monday. Mondays are rough, we all  know that, so I’m hoping this Eating Through St. Louis recipe helps to get you through. Don’t say I never did anything for you! :)


This recipe comes straight from the Special Requests cookbook published by the Post-Dispatch. Cucumbers are aplenty at the farmer’s markets right now, so buy a few and make this soup!

This is a chilled Cucumber and Dill Soup from La Bonne Bouchee , a French patisserie (pastries and sweets) and cafe in Creve Coeur. I haven’t been but I’ve heard they have some fantastic pastries and lunch items. My office is super close so I’ll need to visit! Until, then, I highly enjoyed this cucumber soup.


Chilled Cucumber and Dill Soup (click for recipe!)

Look for cucumbers that have even color, are firm and don’t bend, and are on the smaller side. My cucumbers were humongous, but the small ones were sold out already!


When a recipe (like this one) calls for chopped cucumbers, you’ll need to take out the fleshy center – it’s too soft and watery to work for chopping. A spoon works! Scrape the center out and chop away. You can eat the center with some salt if you want!

IMG_4855 IMG_4856 IMG_4857

The recipe calls for about seven cups of chopped cucumber, or three large. The recipe makes 10 cups, so feel free to halve. I made it for the Food Blogger Potluck , so I made the entire recipe!


You’ll also need chopped onion, pickle, and dill. I used a candy onion, a sweet onion hybrid available at my local market. I love them! They’re so tasty. Sweet but tangy.

IMG_4859 IMG_4862

You basically throw everything into the food processor. The cream components include sour cream, Greek yogurt, a tiny bit of mustard, and heavy cream. I think one of the most important aspects to this recipe is to make sure the soup is 100% smooth. I have issues with chilled soups but if they’re 100% smooth, I can stomach them. It’s a texture thing.


After you’ve processed, you’ll stir in dill and top with extra chopped cucumbers and more dill. Dill is lovely.

This soup isn’t going to help you watch your waistline, but it will refresh you in the middle of a 90-degree week. It’s the perfect starter to a light meal and a small cup-full is plenty. It’s creamy, light, frothy even, and shines with dill.

IMG_4961 IMG_4964  
Enjoy this soup before the leaves change and the cucumbers are slim pickings.

Question: Do you enjoy dill? What’s your favorite way to use it?

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