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Stick With What You Know

Posted Feb 08 2013 11:56am

Confession: I have been running in the same shoes for a year now . Any running expert will tell you shoes need to be retired anywhere around 500miles of usage (I’m looking at you from the 1990′s!.) Oops..I think I exceeded that. I can’t help it..I’m as frugal as they come! I finally..FINALLY went last week to buy some new shoes, but it didn’t go so smoothly..

I had no specific shoe in mind, I just wanted a new pair. I have to admit I was partial to Brooks for a few reasons. Number one being I reverted back to my high school days of being a brand snob, and Brooks are just “cool.” They also make vegan shoes..double cool. Oh and my boyfriend runs in Brooks, and so does Scott Jurek ..triple cool. I’m telling you now..what an awful way to base your shoe choice. You can possibly guess by now I ended up buying a pair of Brooks.

Brooks Ghost 5..what a GORGEOUS shoe.

Brooks Ghost 5..what a GORGEOUS shoe.

Gorgeous as this shoe may be, after a 4mile test run something wasn’t right. Just my luck that with a prettier running shoe would come problems. Any shoe I’ve ever worn that was “pretty” (heels, fancy flats, studded flippy floppys) ended up causing PAIN! NO PRETTY SHOES! So despite Brooks awesome reputation, pretty shoes, and catchy slogan..I had to take these vegan shoes back.

20130208-080024 I decided to buy another pair of my old shoes, but no one had them in store so I had to wait a WEEK and order them online. I ate a lot of cookies to pass the time and drown my sorrows.

20130208-080153 I also had to put 11more miles  on my old shoes, which really ended up hurting my knees. My left knee still hurts. Ugh..never waiting a year again! I did have a good run with my running partner despite the knee pain, and the views were awesome too..but nothing is worth hurting your body!

1896 Olympia Brewery. I need a beer to sooth my funky knees!

1896 Olympia Brewery. I need a beer to sooth my funky knees!

I am now coming to the falling action of this story. Yesterday I received my new shoes. There is something magical about seeing the UPS or FEDEX truck outside your door. Oh so magical.

20130208-080042 Aesthetically these shoes are awful. Absolutely AWFUL. They look like they were colored by a 5yr old, funny that they have similar colors to the Brooks. Physically..these shoes were like running on CLOUDS! I AM SO HAPPY with these shoes! I took them out for a run IMMEDIATELY and could have cried I was so happy. It was such a good run I even found some chachachaangge.


That’s a whopping $0.11 cents, and I sure did STOP running to pick those coins up!! I can’t get to Disneyland without money people!

The moral of this long story is: STICK with what you know!! The tread difference on the bottom of these two shoes was embarrassingly pathetic. I was LONG overdue for a new pair, and I am stoked to have my beloved Asics. I am now partial to Asics because they WORK FOR ME, this is how you should choose a running shoe! Maybe one day I will run in some Brooks, but until this shoe is discontinued I will stick with what I know!

Q: What do you run in and whyyy!?


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