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Steps to Handle Stress Successfully

Posted Dec 21 2013 3:36am


Stress is part and parcel of our life, but it is not the stress that takes a toll on our body and mind but it is our attitude towards stress that is the real devil.

can be easily battled as we human beings are empowered to handle every possible situation and problem if you are mentally strong, resilient, positive, you can easily combat stress.

Meditation Control StressYou need to tune your mind and body to battle stress by working out cardiovascular exercises, jogging, swimming, reading books and listening to the soothing music or using the remedy of laughter is the best medicine by watching comic shows on television, reading funny stories, interacting with people who have a bright sense of humour, and be with the people who can make you smile and laugh. However staying fit is the mantra to live a stress free life.

You may indulge in chanting mantras, doing yoga and meditation as a daily routine, have few minutes of solitude and pray and the most important factor is slow down your life style and enjoy every moment of your existence.

Your thought process at all times must affirm that all is well and this too shall pass, and accept the hard knocks and lessons of life of life with a smile, and no failure or triumph should derail or sabotage your  balance of mind.

Having pets around you bring a sense of calm around and they have the potential to eliminate all your stress in just a few seconds.

And finally look good to feel good and rest all will follow as others will feel the same about you and life will be swell and stress free.


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