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Step 1: Organize work place. Lists.

Posted Apr 27 2011 2:00pm

As right-brained as I am with organization, I love lists.  I write them all the time.  If there is a piece of paper in front of me, there is usually a list on it.

But as organized as a list might sound, it doesn’t do me any good to write a list on a tiny sticky note, crumple it up and throw it in my purse or stick it in between the pages of my book or magazine.  Go figure.


My first idea to organize my work place is … you guessed it, write a list.  When I came up with this brilliant idea, I took a mini potty break.  I thought long and hard in that bathroom stall.  I thought about the implications of said list; about how lists have failed in the past; about how once I write a list I don’t know what I did with it.

 I washed my hands and took a long hard look in the mirror.  Light bulb: I need one designated place for my list.  Not only at work, but at home too.  I winked at myself in the mirror and mouthed, “You’re so smart.”  Then left my thinking tank.

Back in the office, I pulled out our office scrap paper (that’s what I am calling it.  Really it’s all my craft scraps that I don’t want and don’t have room for and so I ditched it in the office).  I created a cute little scrapbook-esque pad for me to hang my daily work list (see above).  No more taking messages on my list.  No more doodles (more like hearts and flowers because I don’t doodle).

Now all I have to do is look to my left and see my list (more importantly what’s been crossed off my list).  I can gaze at it in amazement and feel a sense of accomplishment — you know how a kid feels when they draw an out-of-proportion dinosaur, but it really isn’t a dinosaur it’s a dog.  But they got an A on it anyway.

Some more jaw dropping ideas for lists:

  • A list for projects only.  Write out what you want to accomplish for that project and stick it in a project binder for collecting papers, documents and samples.  (I know, I am a freakin genius).
  • Google Calendar Tasks.  I think there is an App for that too.
  • categorize your list.  Once you write your list come up with a secret code and figure out which task needs to be done first. Organize accordingly.

Stay tuned for more brilliant ideas.

 –Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

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