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STD Testing On Your Mobile Phone

Posted Nov 10 2010 10:30pm

All those people apprehensive about whether they may or may not have contracted a sexually transmitted disease would shortly be able to unearth the truth – simply by using their mobile phones.

Researchers from the Univ. of London are in the process of creating a self-analysis tool which would instantaneously detect an array of prevalent sexually transmitted disease types like gonorrhea, chlamydia among others.

A user would essentially have to pee on the tool – similar to the functioning of a pregnancy detection test & it would then be connected to mobiles or computers.

The STD testing software would then be analyzing the urine sample, making a detection & even recommending a route of actions to be followed.

Dubbed as eSTI² – the over five millions worth venture would be deploying nano-technology – superior tech on a sub microscopic stage. Scientists point out that this STD testing technology is capable of revolutionizing sexual health therapy.

Helming the development, Doctor T. Sadiq stated that when identification is made simpler in accessing in communities, with instantaneous outcomes, researchers are striving to lessen sexually transmitted disease rates and bringing about improvement in sexual health.

The Mission head stated that the eSTI² system has the potential to mechanically book appointments with the apt general practitioners or sexual health clinics or even sending messages to the closest chemist shop then using global positioning system for directing users to that location where their prescriptions would by then be ready to be given to them. The system even has the choice of notifying a mate.

Doctor Sadiq foresees the STD testing systems becoming obtainable in pharmacy stores and possibly also vending machine.

He stated that cell phones have brought about a sweeping change in the mode of living and communication and their group of specialists resolutely deem that they have unleashed a novel singular path for fascinating means of diagnosing and controlling sexually transmitted infections.

He added that presently when one is keen on knowing whether one is having any infections, samples are generally forwarded to labs and outcomes obtainable solely some days later.

He points out that there is bound to be greater likelihood of getting diagnosed when self-testing could be done in non-clinical setting and having an instant precise outcome, but yet letting a physician or chemist know in a short span of time that one might be needing therapy – thus permitting swifter response to any outburst of a sexually transmitted disease.

Doctor Sadiq ecstatically stated that the needed technology is inching closer to soon turning into a reality though factors like privacy & data safety need to be addressed prior to using the device in communities. He also pointed to the importance of having tests with easy adaptability for detecting lately diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases, since the entire gamut of causes of STDs have not still been identified.

The eSTI² system venture would be getting together scientists from myriad assorted fields alongside the National Health Services tech adoption groups.

A backing of four million pounds has been possible for this grand venture by the UKCRC (United Kingdom Clinical Research Collaboration) as well as the MRC (Medical Research Council).

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