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Staying Motivated

Posted Aug 07 2012 8:52am
I thought today's post would cover a very important part in attaining any type of goal we set for ourselves. Motivation.

Whether it be to exercise daily, eat healthy, or to lose those extra pounds, it all comes down to staying motivated. But just how can we do that?

  • to look better,
  • to be more confident,
  • to be a good role model for my daughter,
  • to boost my self-esteem,
  • to live as long as possible.
Our attitude plays a HUGE part in how we motivate ourselves. If we think about our goal with a negative attitude, we won't want to do what is necessary to attain our goal. But if we think about our goal in a positive manner, we will be all about accomplishing it! Think about how you can make it fun!

Having fun while getting fit :
  • Alternating my exercise routine to avoid boredom.
  • Having a good music playlist ready to listen to while exercising.
  • Having a variety of good-for-you healthy foods to eat to avoid junk food snacking.
When you are stuck in a rutt, take the time to think things through but not too much! If something doesn't feel right, change it; try a different approach.

My new approach :
  • to eat healthy foods & to eat the proper portions,
  • to alternate my exercising days (ie : Mondays & Wednesdays - go for a power walk, Tuesdays & Thursdays - go for a run).
Never forget baby steps. This is actually something that I have found to help me stay motivated and attain my goals; recognize your progress. Recognizing our progress is very different from tracking our progress and personally I think we should put more focus on recognition. It is one thing to track what you are doing or eating but take a step back and see the bigger picture. Recognize what you have accomplished to date and see what you have left to do.

And last but not least, reward yourself. This is something that everyone loves :)  A few weeks ago, I blogged about how I bought myself a new nail polish as a reward for sticking to my exercising routine. Your reward can be as little or as big as you would like it to be.
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