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Staying healthy at 30,000 feet.

Posted Nov 12 2012 10:15pm

On most days I treat myself like I am my own child. I am always carrying my own snacks because I get hangry easily. And hangry gets ugly fast.
*Hanger/Hangry: a state of anger caused by hunger
So when we travel I am prepared with healthy snacks and a "stay" healthy kit.  Airports are not always great for healthy food options, they are usually stacked with fast food and expensive eats.   Regardless of the distance I like to have everything ready because you don't know when hunger can set in and delays can happen.  We got back from London on Sunday and I have to say my tips and tricks left us feeling satiated, hydrated, and healthy!

1) Look ahead at the airports selection of foods if you know you are going to need a meal or you don't have time to prepare snacks. O'hare airport has this helpful link telling you exactly what is in each terminal: Flychicago.  
2) Avoid salty foods that will bloat and dehydrate.  Airplanes already cause dehydration due to the dry air and altitude.
3) Bring your own empty water to fill after security or buy a water bottle. I know water is expensive at the airport but you don't want to have to wait til the flight attendant comes around. Plus you need much more than the 4 oz. glass you are given.
4) Bring anti-bacterial wipes!  Wipe down the armrest, the tray table, and headrest.  I know you might think you are crazy but the people around you are really thinking how smart you are and they wish they were doing the same thing.  
5) If you are going to take off your shoes for a long flight bring thick sock/slippers to wear to keep your feet warm and clean. 
6) For overnight flights, bring a disposable toothbrush.  Crest wisps are great.

Ideas for healthy and filling snacksBring enough food, that could fill you up in place of a meal in case a healthy meal option is unavailable or the plane food is not up to par. I try to get in lots of different tastes, textures, and nutrients.

Travel snacks.
Dehydrated banana chips. Green Tea.  Frozen grapes (they don't smoosh), Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut spread (something sweet and good source of protein), Cascadian farms granola bars, Apple squares, roasted almonds (without salt added)

"Stay" healthy kit
Mints (be courteous to your neighbor), Fresh Lip Gloss, Emergen-C (we drink it at take-off and daily), Tissues (cute ones), Tums (just in case), Advil, Deodorant, Antibacterial wipes, Wet Ones, Elf oil blotting face wipes (great to look fresh when you step off the plane), Neutrogena face wipes (to take off the gross plane air). Oh and always bring feminine products just in case.

An absolute must, especially for an overnight flight.

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