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Staying Cancer Free - The Basics

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:38pm
So, you are in remission. Now what? Well firstly, congratulations, chemotherapy is very difficult and takes its toll on your body and mind. You now should focus on staying well and getting stronger. While it may seem common sense, there is even a new study out with hard data showing that a healthy lifestyle really can prevent cancer.

  1. Stay Fit - Start an exercise routine, ideally 3-4 times a week of rigorous activity. Make it fun for you and do what you want. If you don't like to run, find something you are into. Maybe weight training? Dancing? Yoga? Personally, I know yoga was my go-to when I finished treatments. I think it helped tremendously. It allows you to really build muscle and work hard, while also meditating and reflecting on your life.
  2. Eat Right - You're off to a good start you're on this blog! Focus on getting more greens and healthy foods into every meal. Remember limit your intake of red meats, alcohol, sugary foods/drinks, processed foods, sodium and artificial ingredients. Also follow the Rule of 3. Divide your plate in half down the middle, then divide one half in 2. (I never said they were equal thirds). The larger section, which is half of your plate, should be filled with non-starchy vegetables. In the two remaining quarters place the starch and the protein, respectively.
  3. Stay Positive - You can do this, and for those times when you are struggling and need some help, reach out to family and friends. Chances are they want to help, but aren't sure if you would like to be constantly reminded that they are there. Make a friend your new exercise buddy, ask your sister out to dinner to vent about problems and stress. Sometimes you may not want those closest to you to have any additional stress from you, that's completely normal. But, still talk to someone. Many cancer centers offer social workers and nutritionists to help patients and survivors. Just talking to anyone about what you're thinking about helps.
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