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Stay the way you are

Posted Oct 18 2011 10:25pm
Home Entertainment Stay the way you are

21 comments Oct 11/11 Entertainment, LIfestyle, Misc

I’ve always been intrigued by celebrities and pop culture, especially as a child.

So, it is probably not surprising that, when I was about 8 years old, I had an autograph book.

Since I wasn’t exactly rubbing elbows with the rich and famous at the age of 8 (or now, for that matter), I asked the biggest celebrity I knew for his autograph…



My grandfather.

My grandfather (or “Poppie”, as his grandchildren called him) owned a popular bar/restaurant in a small town in Pennsylvania and everywhere we’d go, people would know him.  I always felt so special to be his granddaughter when we’d go out and about and truly believed that he was a local celebrity.

Poppie was the kind of person who could light up a room.  When he was present, you knew it (even when he was napping).  His sense of humor, warm smile, and big heart were just some of the many reasons why I loved him so much.

Years after his passing, I still have that page from my autograph book with his signature and a message he had written.


“Stay the way you are and you will be terrific.”


It may not be worth as much money as George Clooney’s autograph, but to me, it is the most valuable piece of paper in the world.

Whenever I feel the urge to compare myself to someone else or change the way I act just to fit  in, I think about that page from my autograph book.

Sure, I may be silly and clumsy.  I may be overly obsessed with Lionel Richie and old television shows.  I may get moody when I’m hungry and talk entirely way too much for one person.

But one of the most wonderful people to ever walk the face of the earth loved me for those things.

This post is just my little way of reminding you to stay true to who you are and resist trying to be like someone else.  We all need reminders every now and then.

How do you keep from comparing yourself to others?  I found that when I quit reading tabloids and visiting celebrity gossip sites, it also helped.

Do you have any celebrity autographs?  I have some random ones like Bernie Williams (former player for the New York Yankees), Candace Cameron, Rosie O’Donnell, and Tony Danza.  I’m working on scoring a Lionel Richie autograph, of course! :)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Love that message!! I am going to have to keep reminding myself of that when I start to get down on myself or compare myself to others. Thanks for this post :)

  2. I once got Roger Clemmons autograph with my brother when we saw him at a restaurant in Florida. It was a big deal to us because he was our baseball idol growing up in New England and loving the Red Sox.
    I also met Chris Daughtry with Jen (runnerstrials) once and got my picture taken with him and everything :)

    • thegrassskirt

      OMG- you and Jen are too funny! How did you meet Chris Daughtry? Love it! :)

      • B/c I’m a stalker and bought backstage passes through his fan club :) It was my second time meeting him!

        • thegrassskirt

          Haha. That’s awesome! If Lionel ever comes to town, you’re helping me find him!

  3. Thats such a sweet and simple message from your poppie-I love it. Comparing myself to others is tough and something I am constantly struggling with. I’m at the time in my life where all my friends are getting married and having kids and I still dont even know what I want to do. And thats fine, it is but I guess it comes down to we are taught that at a certain point or age in our life we should have it together. As I said, a constant struggle.

    • thegrassskirt

      I definitely understand. I constantly have to remind myself that everyone is different and when certain things are meant to happen to me, they will happen. I’m willing to bet that some of your friends are envious of you though, and I am sure that all of those good things will happen soon. :)

  4. I love the message from your poppie! And it’s so wonderful that you saved it after all of these years. Truly a treasure :)

  5. Michelle

    This post brought such a smile, Poppie truly was a special person, and he knew terrific-ness when he saw it ;)

  6. Your Poppie reminded me of my grandfather. He was such a smart man and made sure we were grounded human beings. I learned from my grandparents to be who you are and if people do not like you for who you are they are not meant to be part of your life. Be comfortable in your own skin and celebrate the small things in your life. I was blessed to have those two as role models growing up. As a woman I want to be surrounded with people who support you instead of breaking you down – so not cool. Thanks for sharing – love the post – got a little teary eyed too.

    • thegrassskirt

      It sounds like we were both blessed with wonderful grandfathers. We’re pretty lucky. :) I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post…even if it did make you teary eyed. :)

  7. What a beautiful post! I’m sure you are making your Poppie proud everyday! I absolutely love that hand written note! What a treasure…just like you!! Have a great day!!

  8. I totally forgot that I once had an autograph book, too. I think the only autograph I had was Mickey Mouse, but he’s pretty famous I guess ;)

    What a sweet, sweet post. It makes me want to go ask my grandma for her autograph!

    • thegrassskirt

      Mickey Mouse is totally famous! I’m jealous! Haha.

      Seriously, you should ask your grandmother for her autograph. She might think you’re crazy, but you won’t regret asking. :)

  9. Such a nice message. You never hear that enough – be yourself. I try really hard not to compare myself to others. It’s hard. The way that I reduce it is by praising others. For example, if I see a woman with pretty hair I praise her (silently) for her hair. It allows me to be thankful for the beauty in me.

    • thegrassskirt

      What a wonderful idea! Replacing negativity with positivity is so much healthier for us.

  10. How sweet and what a wonderful message to see on a daily basis!

  11. love it! what a sweet memory and I love that you framed the page!

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