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Stay Properly Hydrated - Avoid Health Problems - Perform At Your Best

Posted Jun 29 2009 6:05pm
Whew!! Summer is cranking up and you better stay properly hydrated it you want to stay healthy and prevent fatigue, headaches, lethargy or worse heat exaustion and heat stroke. Staying hydrated is essential to help you feel in top form and perform your best. Just a small percentage of body weight change due to loss of fluids during exercise or activity,(especially outdoors in summer)can put a big strain on your body and impair your performance. So How much do you drink? When? and What? would be the big questions. Water of course is the key element you need to drink but adding a type of fitness water or sport drink provides the replenishment of essential electrolytes like potassium and sodium that are lost due to sweating and if you lose too much can lead to cramping. If you want to save a few bucks then mave a small amount of juice accompanied by water during or after a workout but be sure to drink plenty of water prior to activity to prevent the real problems and perform at your peak. Here's the rest of your answers to put together a smart plan to say hydrated and get the most out of your active occasions or workouts. Be safe, use your brain and Live Smart!! See: Source
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