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Stay healthy. Don’t fall in love.

Posted Aug 26 2011 11:33am

This blog has posted a lot of content over the past 3 years about stress and how it can knock your immune function out of balance. Exercise, healthy eating, sleep and supplementation with EpiCor are some basic ways to support your immune health while under stress, and reduce your chances for stress related illnesses.

Today, I stumbled across some information that gives an almost opposite take on emotions and immune health: that falling love can damage your health! What?!?!?  I’ve always assumed that a hot romance would be good for your health .

Here’s my theory: the first stage of romance–falling head over heels for someone–probably does something a little crazy to bodily functions: restless sleep, an upsetting of daily routines, obsessive thoughts, racing pulse, stomach turbulence, etc.  And I can see how this combines to throw immune function off kilter.

But the center of my theory of  love and health problems is FEAR! When the relationship is new and you’re nuts about someone, there is a constant, overriding fear that person may not be as nuts about you, and may have a different outlook on the relationship. Hence, constant worry combined with the exhilaration of new romance.   The result? Sickness. As that article says, that’s why they coined the term “love sick.”

Then when the relationship turns into a stable, solid one, maybe even morphs into marriage, perhaps the health parameters return to normal.

After that, when kids enter the scene, hello sickness again. Finally, after years of togetherness, knowing all the faults and foibles of your spouse, and living in an empty nest, you don’t give a rip about much of anything, and a healthy life returns again.  That’s my theorem of the relationship/health continuum. In which case I should be…and am…very healthy.

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