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Starting over

Posted Jun 11 2009 8:11pm
Joe's birthday dinner and dessert went well, though my first attempt to make sfogliatelle - a classic Italian pastry pronounced "shfool-yuh-DELL" (I love how you are obligated to ask an Italian how to pronounce half of the Italian words) - fell incredibly short of the culinary goalpost I intended to hit. It tasted alright, but I wasn't able to roll the dough thin enough to make the layers crispy and light. I even used lard - yes, LARD. I had to ask someone at the grocery store where I might find it, quickly adding, "It's my first time; I've never bought it before." As if the man would look at me and say, "How could someone who's obviously experienced the taste of lard not know that it's stationed right next to the butter and cream cheese?" So now I am an unsuccessful pastry-maker with a big tub o' lard sitting in her refrigerator.

So now I am ready to start over with my cleansing, and just in time, too. The annual Brunetti OBX family vacation is in less than two months, and I really want to slim down at least a little bit before then. I've already resigned myself to the fact that, short of liposuction and hiring a professional photographer, I won't look like the Sports Illustrated bikini-clad waifs gallivanting down the sandy shore (this year, anyway). My simple goal is to look healthier than I did last year. This shouldn't be too hard, since I was a little heavier than I am now, and a LOT more stressed out.

I'm going to do one day of the full cleansing today(no real food, just supplements and one shake at lunchtime), and then tomorrow I will start out with the full cleansing, but my mother is coming in to town to see my wedding dress and spend the day with me and we are certain to have dinner, so I will plan on a small, healthy meal at suppertime. Then on Friday it's back to the supplements, a shake at breakfast and lunch, and a healthy dinner. I have to admit, with this past week of not sticking solidly to the program, I gained back about three pounds, just like that. But I know why, and I know what I have to do to prevent that from happening again. Plus, my back is feeling much better, so I plan on easing myself back into a workout routine this week as well, which should help in toning the body I have left after losing weight.

Alright, here we go!
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