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Starting an Exercise Plan

Posted Sep 08 2008 8:04am

It's common knowledge that exercise is good for you, but starting an exercise plan can be torturous or boring or both. Sometimes the friendly neighborhood gym doesn't seem so friendly, or it seems like you need to lose weight or buy a whole snazzy exercise wardrobe before you even start going there. You can start with workout DVDs and resistance bands in the privacy of your own living room or a walk around the block, but then it starts to become boring or isolating. The treadmill timer starts to taunt you - what, only 18 minutes?! - and you cut exercise sessions short.

Maybe whatever you're trying is just not for you. The key is being excited and interested in what you do so that you'll feel motivated to make time for exercise. If you're an exercise socialite, the best thing is to find a club or gym that makes you feel comfortable. Join a walking or hiking club, or take Pilates or cardio classes. Train for a 5k or find an exercise buddy. If you would rather exercise alone, try reading on the exercise bike or watching TV on the elliptical or lift weights to different music mixes. If the idea of traditional exercise doesn't appeal to you, try getting into active hobbies. Take swing dance classes, learn to kayak, take self defense classes, or build time into your daily commute so that you can walk some of the way. Try exercising at different times of the day to see if there are times when you are more alert and energetic.

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