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Start Walking!

Posted Apr 07 2010 11:02am

Hi friends! Happy hump day!

Did you know today is National Start Walking Day ? Get moving! :D

I think I’ll take Yasha on a walk after work this afternoon to do a little more apartment shopping. I think we’re close to picking a place! We have to put in 30-day notice with our current apartment by next Wednesday, so it’s definitely time to make a decision! It’s so hard to find apartments in this town, because most landlords want you to be able to move-in within two weeks! Don’t they know we have to give our current landlords 30-days notice? And we came across a few complexes that wanted us to sign a lease without even showing us the ACTUAL apartment we’d be renting! Come on! The good news is, we’ve seen a couple apartments that will fit our needs– they’re clean and cheaper than our current place, and that’s what really matters! I’m hoping to make our final decision by Friday. That way we don’t have to spend another weekend hunting!

Anyway, remember how I was telling you guys how I wanted to tone it down on sugar? Well, my mother-in-law had other plans for me yesterday:

She sent us an Easter care-package– filled to the brim with her homemade cookies! I love my mother-in-law, and she makes the BEST peanut butter balls I’ve ever tasted! Since I typically only get them once a year, I just had to indulge:

YUM. Just as good as I remembered them. ;)

She also made really sweet, decorated sugar cookies:

Aren’t they cute?

Soon after indulging in sugar, though, I remember how crappy I feel when I eat it! That doesn’t, however, keep my cravings at bay. It’s amazing how quickly we forget when the sugar monster starts calling again! Since the weather is chilly and I’m dealing with all sorts of stress lately (taxes, apartment shopping, vet appointments…) I’m thinking maybe a bit of detox is in order.

I was reminded of the CLEAN book I read last summer:

Last July, I attempted this three-week cleanse, and I made it 8 full days before falling off track. There were some extenuating circumstances to why I stopped, but what matters is that I felt SO GOOD while following this program. It wasn’t actually THAT hard, considering the fact that I already enjoy green juice and smoothies on a regular basis. The challenge for me is cutting out bananas, goat cheese, sweet potatoes and eggs! I don’t think these things are necessarily bad for you, but, according to Dr. Junger, they are a little more acidic on the body, and don’t do you any favors when it comes to weight loss.

And let’s be honest: With summer just around the corner, I am interested in weight loss! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t!

So, I think it’s high time for a bit of “Spring CLEAN-ing!” Today, I’m going to be following some of Dr. Junger’s Elimination Diet principles, which is a good way to ease yourself into the program. I’ll be weaning myself off coffee over the next day or so, and I may keep green tea in my life during the cleanse… I know I’m supposed to be totally caffeine-free for the three week cleanse, but that doesn’t sound fun! Maybe I’ll find the motivation to cut it out, but for now, I’m mentally telling myself I can have green tea if I want to. ;)

If I’m feeling good after today’s Elimination Diet, I might just go ahead and jump into the detox tomorrow! If I’m feeling weak and full of sugar cravings still, I might do another day of the diet and start on Friday. My father-in-law will be here tomorrow night to take us out to dinner, so I have a feeling this might be tough with company in town! But I’ll just do the best I can– there’s almost always a CLEAN option at restaurants!

Reader Feedback: Have you ever done a detox before? If so, how long did it last? How did you feel?

I’ve done my fair share of detoxes in the past, including the Master Cleanse, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I will only do cleanses that feel health-generating at this point in my life– such as flooding my body with fresh vegetable juices and enzymes! I’m just not into “quick fixes” anymore, or starving my body! Life’s just too short to treat your body badly! :D

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