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St. Lucia: The Resort

Posted Jun 09 2012 10:10pm

…warning, it’s a long one.

Read about our excursions here and here .

In planning this vacation Tony and I wanted three things out of our trip. One, we wanted a beautiful location (duh). Two, we wanted a place where we could relax on the beach AND be able to explore/go out and do things. Three, we wanted all inclusive. We had to find a place that met all of those ‘wants’ and be able to get there using our Delta Sky Miles.

So, first thing first, I played around with dates and Caribbean destinations using Sky Miles. It seemed whenever I could find a place using miles, I couldn’t find a resort meeting our requirements in our price range. And vice versa, I could find an amazing resort, but it took more miles than we had to get there. Then I randomly tried St. Lucia thinking that it would be way too expen$ive, but by some miracle there were 4 all-inclusive resorts in our price range and we had just enough miles to get there (we used literally every single mile we had). SOLD!

From there all I had to do was narrow down the 4 resorts. I immediately eliminated two based on the less-than-stellar reviews. The other two I had a really hard time choosing between. Then I remembered we had friends go to St. Lucia a couple years ago, and sure enough, they stayed at one of the places I was debating between. After a few emails back and fourth with her my mind was made up (thanks for your help Lindsay!). Morgan Bay Resort it was!

There were other options that were just a bit more per night (3 Sandals resorts on the island), but for what we wanted this fit the bill. Also the extra money we were saving allowed us to be able to do a bunch of excursions , because they are not cheap (about a $100 per person for each excursion).


MB has 4 restaurants, 3 a la carte and one buffet. The three a la carte were Morgan’s Pier (seafood)

( source ) MP

Bambou (Caribbean-Asian fusion)

( source ) Bambou

La Jardine (fine dinning bistro & the only indoor dining restaurant)

( source ) lajardine

The Palms (buffet)

( source ) palms

We ate dinner at Morgan’s Pier, Bambou and The Palms twice and ate at La Jardine only once. All four of the restaurants were good, but to be honest, they all kind of tasted the same. I’m absolutely not complaining about the food, just saying that it was all kind of similar.


MB had four pools, a swim-up bar (adult only) pool:

brookes 057

hillside saltwater (adult only) pool:

brookes 019

large ‘U’ shaped beach-view pool (view from our room)

brookes 076

and a kiddie waterslide pool (that we never went to) that had a little restaurant at it.

All of the pools had a bar, but our two favorite pools (and the only ones that we went in) were the hillside pool (um, hello amazing views)

( source ) salt

brookes 022 brookes 069

and the swim-up bar pool (duh).

brookes 135

When we wanted to chill out the hillside pool was our spot and when we wanted to chat with other vacationers, swim up bar it was!

The Beach:

MB beach was awesome. Although it wasn’t very big, it was beautiful!

St. Lucia 047

We didn’t swim in the water too many times, but we did hang out on the beach and get our feet wet.

St. Lucia 356 St. Lucia 357

On the beach, as part of the all-inclusive price, MB offered water skiing, paddle boats, kayaking, wind surfing, sailing and tubing (behind a speed boat). We did it all except the wind surfing and sailing. Since we never did it before we didn’t really want to take our chances.

The water skiing was really fun (Tony didn’t do it). I grew up water skiing, so I knew right away that I was going to do it. I was actually really nervous about getting up, it has been two years since I’ve gone water skiing (July 2010) and I knew that if I didn’t get up I would be really disappointed in myself. Because of that I didn’t even attempt to do one ski, I just did the double ski to be safe.

St. Lucia 039

Luckily I had no problem!

St. Lucia 040

St. Lucia 044

Water skiing in the Caribbean, CHECK!

The Room:

Tony and I booked a beachfront superior deluxe room and we had THE BEST room in the resort.

St. Lucia 350

Our view was perfect. Complete unobstructed view of the pools and the beach.

St. Lucia 013

St. Lucia 075

If your room was a little to the right or on a lower floor, you would have a tree in your way and not be able to see the beach. Yet you would still be paying for the superior deluxe beachfront view. We got lucky, that’s for sure!

The inside of our room was nice. It was clean and simple, just what I would want. (sorry I forgot to snap a pic before I unmade the bed!)

St. Lucia 361

St. Lucia 362

This resort was really spread out, some of the rooms required either a hike or a pre-arranged golf cart ride to the main part of the resort. We were really happy that our room was so close to everything!

I would definitely recommend Morgan Bay as a place to stay. It isn’t a 5-star resort that is all about pampering you and offers gourmet food, but you’re not paying for that either. It is a place that has really nice people, flowing drinks and offers enough that you will not be bored, thirsty or hungry.

Please feel free to email me with any questions I may not have answered at exerciseforfries(at)gmail(dot)com.

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