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Sprouts, sprouts, baby

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:49pm
If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my post about how visiting a Japanese Onsen changed my way of thinking about body image .

Oh you guys. It’s been a super-busy day! I’m just now sitting down to write out this morning’s blog post and it’s almost 5 p.m. Whew!

You can bet your butt I’m so glad and relieved to be done with going to J’s school to help with that lesson .

After my 10th go ’round of saying, “What can I get you?” I am so DONE with that phrase.

I’ve been using Caitlin ‘s method for getting things done by making a “must do” and a “want to do” list and marking as many off the “must do” side as I can and working my way over into the things that would be nice to accomplish today, but could wait, when possible:


After seeing my list (and knowing I was spending 75% of the day at J’s school) I felt very much like this:

100_3011Not impressed. Not impressed at all.

Breakfast: (AKA my favorite meal of the day)

I may not have started today out too excited about its activities, but I was so pumped to try out the new 0% fat yogurt I found at the grocery store yesterday.


100_3002 100_3003

The only flavor I found of this particular brand/kind was peach, which isn’t my favorite flavor by any means. Still, I was hopeful. I tried it first straight out of the container. It tasted like… dun, dun, dun, peach yogurt. In all honesty it tasted just like most other yogurts I’ve tried, and true to Japanese form it was slightly thin. Definitely not thick and creamy like I’ve heard Oikos and Chobani described.



A cup of yogurt by itself would come nowhere near satisfying my hunger, so I threw a cup of granola on top of it and mixed it together to create my breakfast. The granola made the peach taste not so apparent, which was fine. I would have liked to throw some fresh fruit on top of my granola, but we were fresh out (literally, hah!).

All-in-all, I would say I enjoyed the yogurt. The taste and texture wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was good nevertheless. I will buy this again in the future.

I wasted a little too much time lollygagging around before I had to be at J’s school. I totally could have gotten a few things done. Oh well.

I snacked on a Great Value Salty Almond granola bar while I biked to school. I wish those things were healthier/cleaner because they taste so good.


This must be the day for trying new things. Lunch consisted of a toasted tuna sammich loaded up with mustard, onion, green onions, green peppers, and the sprouts I bought yesterday. I’ve never ate sprouts before and I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. In fact, I was a little nervous. How silly, right?



I was pleasantly surprised to find that they didn’t have a lot of taste or flavor (at least not in this particular sandwich, maybe the other ingredients were overpowering?). I liked them and will probably continue to buy them for salads and sandwiches. I like adding my greens, even if they don’t add a lot in the taste department. :)

Had some crackers and pb on the side. The crackers were only “meh.” Completely unimpressed me. They smelled a little like caramel corn, but tasted like a weird mixture of coffee and salt. Not my favorite. Ended up putting about half back in the bag.

Afternoon snack was the last of some lovely grapes that were still sitting in our fridge:



I’m trying to get my lesson plan for Wednesday morning’s class finished ahead of time because I really want this class to go much better than last time. I’m a little nervous because I would really love to be a good teacher, but right now I’m feeling pretty incompetent. I guess that is to be expected since I’ve never taught before. My husband really is wonderful, though, and he’s going to help me out a bit until I’m feeling more on stable ground.

And it’s Ramen Monday , guys. So you already know where I’ll be tonight!

And I’m not sure how many of you use Gmail, but Kath has an awesome tutorial she put up. So check it out . I thought it was super, duper helpful.


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