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Sprint Triathlon Training: Week 1

Posted Jul 25 2011 1:26pm
Sunday wrapped up my 1st week of training for my sprint triathlon!  My week looked like this
Sprint Triathlon Training - Week 1
Monday:   Brick workout - 20 minute run (treadmill) / 15 min swim
Tuesday:  25 minute run (treadmill) + Strength workout
Wednesday:  500 yard swim workout and swim lessons
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  30 minute run (treadmill) + 5 minute walk
Saturday:  Open water swim practice in the ocean (at the Jersey Shore!)
Sunday:  Open water swim practice in the ocean (at the Jersey Shore!)

I was not able to pick up my new bike until Friday, which was conveniently a sweltering 100 DEGREES , so I did not get to ride my bike this week.  However, since the weather has improved significantly, I'm hoping to take this baby out for a ride today!

My new Trek Lexa S road bike!!! <3
Like the pink water bottle cage?  I clearly HAD to buy it :-)

The odds are very high that I will wipe out at least 1 time on my bike today, but I am taking bets on how many times you think I will fall.   Discuss in the comments section.  Winner gets to laugh at me.


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