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Spring Your Workouts into Fall

Posted Sep 27 2010 11:00pm


Yes, I’m screaming and yes, I just went back and added the second exclamation point for good measure.

My trainer has me splitting my cardio into two sessions a few days a week, which means I’m lifting in the morning, followed by some cardio, and then going back later in the day for an additional session. 

When I was planning my workouts for the week I peeked at the new fall class schedule at my gym, which to me is far more exciting then the primetime TV line up, by the way. Anyway, I noticed the new schedule had a spinning class at just the right time for my evening session today so I went. AND IT ROCKED!

The instructor was new-to-me, the people in the class were new-to-me, and the energy in the room was contagious. It was one of those workouts that leaves you drained and fired up all at the same time, not to mention clinging to the hand rail on the way down the stairs.

And all it took was changing up the time I went to the gym and trying out a different instructor.

I challenge you to change one thing in your workouts this season whether it be trying a new class, changing the time of day you workout (even just one day a week), taking a different path on your run or bike, or even working out with someone new. It just might give your workouts a healthy shake, too.

Now I really must go, this extra spring in my workouts is causing me to fall asleep!

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