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Spring Weight Loss Challenge Review

Posted Jun 08 2012 8:29am

I did it! I came in first place in my Spring Weight Loss Challenge. In ten weeks, I lost 22 pounds, 14 inches, and 12.8% of my body weight. It was super hard work, but I feel really good. I lost 5 pounds this week alone. I was so excited that I lost 22 pounds that I didn’t even think about the prize money. Danny asked me how much it would be, and I told him that I totally forgot about it! (They will mail a check to me in the next few weeks).

Before and After (week 1 and week 10):

The reason I did this challenge was to lose the weight, not for the money. The money was a nice perk but it wasn’t my motivation. My clothes didn’t fit, I couldn’t run as good anymore, and I just wasn’t comfortable in my body. That was my motivation – to feel and look better.

After the class, the teacher actually approached me about getting a job as a weight loss coach because she thought that I did so good on the program. However, after a little research, I don’t think it’s exactly along the lines of what I want to do simply because I would be employed by Herbalife (see more below) and that would mean selling products and there would possibly be a start-up fee.

My Spring Weight Loss Challenge Review


  • Weekly weigh-ins in front of another person helped me feel accountable.
  • Group support – the other women in class and coaches were very nice and a fun group.
  • Weekly meeting with information such as why exercise is important, how much protein you should eat, how to prevent heart disease, the benefits of fiber, etc.


  • This weight loss challenge is sponsored by Herbalife, not the park district as advertised
  • Every class contained an Herbalife “commercial” as to why we should buy Herbalife products
  • Besides being given a daily calorie count, there wasn’t much guidance on how to actually lose the weight besides sticking to your calorie count.
  • I felt my daily calorie count was too low (1136 calories daily) and I adjusted mine to what I thought worked better for me (between 1200 and 1400).
  • Not enough focus on exercise. We discussed it, but didn’t actually do it.

I have mixed feelings about this weight loss challenge. Obviously, this challenge worked for me because I lost 22 pounds and came in first place, but I don’t exactly think that it was a very good challenge.

First, this challenge is listed in the park district brochure only as “Spring Weight Loss Challenge”. What they don’t tell you is that this challenge isn’t sponsored by the park district, and the exact same challenge is listed in many, many other town’s park district’s brochures. The weight-loss challenge is sponsored by the company Herbalife, which you aren’t told going into the challenge.

Your teacher for the weight loss class is a “wellness coach”, not a nutritionist, registered dietician, or a personal trainer. She is a Herbalife employee.

I googled more about this challenge, and found reviews by tons of people who were upset by the fact they weren’t told that this was sponsored by Herbalife before signing up for the challenge. Also, that their teacher constantly pushed the Herbalife products on them to buy.

In my experience, the teacher did not once make us feel like we had to buy Herbalife products, but they were mentioned in very single class, and every class had some kind of Herbalife product for us to try – soy nuts, tea, protein bars, even lotion. At the first class, we were given an Herbalife catalog and were told how important their protein drinks were. But the teacher never really pushed us to buy them; it was more like a giant Herbalife commercial.

Each class, we went over a worksheet that we were emailed prior to the class. The topics included: fiber, heart disease, portion control, exercise, sugar, etc. All worksheets were directly from Herbalife or from a website like The teacher basically read from the worksheet during class and sometimes there was a little quiz.

Here’s why I did so good – everything on those worksheets I knew prior to doing this weight loss challenge. I know what to eat before and after I workout, I know how big portions are, I know that having muscle burns calories faster, I know how many calories that I should eat a day, I know the importance of fiber, etc. My problem was that I chose to ignore all that, and just eat what I wanted to.

But once I was being held accountable for my weight each week, I ate healthy and exercised, and that’s how I lost the weight. Simply, you need to burn off more calories that you take in. Since, I knew how to lose weight prior to the class, I believe that why’s I was successful. What also worked for me was writing down everything that I ate and tracking the calories. I didn’t always do this on the weekends, and I still struggle with my weekend eating.

I would not recommend this weight loss challenge to people who are new to weight loss or have a lot of weight to lose. As I mentioned before, the teacher is an Herbalife Wellness Coach, not a nutritionist or personal trainer. I don’t feel like much guidance was given in this class. (At the same time, I also didn’t reach out for guidance. I could have, but felt I didn’t need it). After the first class, we were emailed our daily calorie counts, and then we went over worksheets each week. That’s it. If I’m learning that sugar is bad in week 8 then how would that help me lose weight when I’m already 8 weeks into the program?

Also, I kind of freaked out after the first class when I was told that my daily calorie count should be 1136 calories a day. I workout 5-6 days a week for 1-2 hours, there’s no way that 1136 calories was going to cut it for me. Instead, I emailed the wonderful Allie of The Picky Eating RD , and she helped me figure out a more reasonable calorie count.

All that being said, I did lose weight on this program, I just think you have to know what to do going into it. And the people I meet were very nice and supportive of each other.

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