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Spring ShapeUp Week 2 – With Printable Calendar

Posted Mar 17 2013 12:00am

Howdy partners!  Today I’ve got your printable calendar for week 2 of my Spring Shape Up.  Who’s ready to propel yourself towards warmer weather and leaner meaner bod?

If you didn’t join week 1 DO NOT WORRY.  Just start now!  This is a challenge started by myself and my friend Katie at work.  We designed this challenge as a count down to the end of our year banquet on April 9th.

Here comes all the long details.  This is an explanation of what your food and fitness challenges are for everyday this week.  Read to the end for your calendar.

Fitness: Yoga

  • If you’ve never tried yoga before see if you can get to a class. Often new yoga studios will offer deals for new students. They also sometimes offer big discounts to students (they must know how stressed we are)
  • You could also try pilates, tai chi, or just some simple stretching with breathing and meditation

Meatless Monday: Today try to incorporate beans into your diet. They are high in protein and fiber, and a great substitute for meat.

Fitness: Strength

Superfood Tuesday: Todays superfood is sweet potatoes.

Fitness: Cardio

  • Try swimming (use the pool on your campus, check with your local Y, if you’re part of a gym they might have a location with a pool).
  • Swimming is a low impact cardio that will really get your heart beating.  Check out Krysten’s blog to see how she started incorporating swims in her workout plan.

Wednesday Veggie Day: Todays goal is to have a salad for either lunch or dinner. This way the base of your meal, will be vegetables.

  • For ultimate plant based inspiration visit Power Cakes

Fitness: Strength

  • Continue on with your squats / pushups / situps challenge
  • OR try downloading the Nike Training Club App (free!)  The app has tonnes of different workouts depending on fitness level, body part preference, and time available for workout.

Thirsty Thursday: Today add lemon to your water. It adds taste, as well as health benefits.

  • Y’all know how much I LOVE my lemon water .  Start your morning with hot water and lemon, it is an easy and natural way to detoxify your body.

Fitness: Active rest day

  • Here’s a tip from Wake up 30 minutes early and try walking away from your house for 15 minutes, and then walk back.
  • Or also wake up and have a light stretch and try this meditation for students (beginners meditation from

Fatty Friday: Add some avocado to your meals today. Its packed with heart healthy unsaturated fats, and taste delicious. Guacamole, anyone?

  • I highly recommend some homemade burritos
  • Avocado is a great substitute for mayonnaise
  • You can even add avocado to smoothies

Fitness: Strength

  • Continue on with your squats / pushups / situps challenge
  • OR head on over to Best Body Fitness and check out Tina Reale’s strength workouts

Sweets Saturday: Substitute a regular sweet treat for something healthier

Fitness: Sunday Runday!!!

  • Go for a 2-5k run today
  • If you’re starting out try a short distance and run for 1 minute then walk for 1 minute

Menu-Planning Sunday: Your challenge for this Sunday is to plan out 5 lunches that you can pack to school / work next week.

  • Its healthier and cheaper to pack a lunch! Get creative.
  • Check out The Lean Green Bean for meal planning tips

Now you know your mission.  Print out your calendar and stick it on the fridge or in your notebook or at your desk.  Keep motivated all week.

Tweet or Instagram me @LifeAfterBagels with all of your successes this week and any questions.  Hashtag it #SpringShapeUp

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