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Spring Is In the Air – Time To Clean House

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm


For many of us spring is in the air and soon warm weather will beckon us to open the windows in our homes which have been tightly sealed throughout the winter. As we open our windows to let the sunshine and air in many of us will also embark upon spring cleaning. When I look around the rooms in my home I see that besides the dusting and deep cleaning that needs to be done I also see clutter. As I do a couple times of year I will start going room to room, closet to closet and assess the “stuff” that I have collected that is creating clutter in my living space. I will determine what is no longer needed, what I can and should let go of and get rid of the stuff that is no longer serving me. In the end I will have a house which has less clutter. The space in my house will be and feel more open. I won’t be tripping over stuff or shuffling the clutter from one spot to another as I tend to do to make myself feel as though I have less clutter. When I have less clutter in my house I feel more comfortable and even more creative because I have more space to work with. Yes, I do love when I take the time and effort to clean house. It is a lot of work and it does take some integrity on my part to be able to assess what I truly need and what is just taking up space. It sometimes even takes courage and convincing to let go of some of the stuff because in the back of my mind I am thinking “Maybe I should hold on to this, it could come in use some day or maybe it will be valuable some day”. Sometimes I am reluctant to let go of things because somehow I have allowed myself to believe that some of my stuff defines who I am, when deep down I know that is not true, I am not defined by stuff that I have cluttering up my house.

The house of which I speak cannot be found by the mailman, you can’t find it on any map and your GPS will not cleverly guide you this house for you see the house I speak of is me.

What steps will you take to clear your house of clutter? What are you holding onto which no longer serves you? Is it time to make space for that which is yet to come? These are important questions which we should ask ourselves as we prepare our internal home for the next season of our journey.

“We are not afraid to look under the
bed, or to wash the sheets; we know
that life is messy. We know that
somebody has to clean it up, and
that only if it is cleaned up can we
hope to start over, and get better.”

-Marsha Norman – American Playwright

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