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Spring Detox Series: 7 Ways To Detox Your Diet

Posted Mar 30 2011 12:10pm

Springtime is here! A time of new beginnings, awakenings, and rebirths. A time to reinvent and renew. THE perfect time to “Spring Clean” and detox your body and your life. Look for a series of posts over the next few weeks on easy ways to detox your body, home, and life.

Why detox? There are so many reasons, like shedding extra lbs, having more energy, less stress, a glowing complexion, and better overall health… just to name a few.

Here are 7 easy tips to get you started.

1. Load up on fiber. Fiber is the part of a plant that you can’t digest, so it leaves your body whole. It grabs onto toxins and pulls them out with it. It also helps you feel full longer. Aim for at least 30 grams per day.

2. Ditch sugar and highly processed foods. They both wreak havoc in your body and have no health benefits whatsoever. Limit them both as much as you can.

3. Eat your greens. Greens might just be the most nutritious food on the planet. They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, plus they naturally balance your pH and detoxify your body. Eat them every. single. day. There are so many to choose from, try kale, spinach, mixed baby greens, arugula, romaine, dandelion, green herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley, etc.), collard greens, chard… and the list goes on!

4. Purify your water. We’re extremely lucky to have potable water piped right into our homes, that shouldn’t be lost on anyone. But we also need to take a few extra steps to make sure we’re not contaminating ourselves with some of the leftovers the municipal water supply leaves us, like chlorine, lead, pharmaceuticals (from people flushing them down the toilet and sink – yikes!) and other microbes that just aren’t meant for our healthy bodies. Get a Britta or Pur water filter for your sink or a pitcher filter that you keep in your fridge, both are around $25 for the unit and the filters last for a few months.

Forgo the bottled water: It’s pricey, usually not that pure, and the plastic bottle ends up in a landfill. Buy a BPA-free reusable water bottle and keep it full of pure water from your home.

5. Find your favorite detoxing tea. Think you don’t like tea? There are literally thousands of brand and flavor combinations out there, find one that you love the flavor of and enjoy. To detox, look for organic green tea or organic tea with dandelion root, a natural diuretic and detoxifyer. I love the Yogi brand Detox Tea and Peach Detox Tea. Look for herbal teas that are naturally decaffeinated. Green tea has some caffeine, just make sure it doesn’t have any added. Bonus! Tea is one of the most powerful anti-agers out there.

6. Pucker up! Drink a large glass of warm, pure water with fresh lemon juice every morning to detoxify your liver. Your liver is your body’s detox station and needs a little help detoxing itself. This little enzyme rich tonic is your liver’s best friend – it’s your hardest working organ, give it a little love. Add the fresh juice of ½ an organic lemon to a 12oz glass of warm, pure water & drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. You can put it in hot water as well, just not boiling water or you’ll kill the enzymes.

7. Join The May Hot Body Nutrition Challenge! If you’re ready to detox your body and shed some weight, register for our upcoming Hot Body Nutrition Challenge May 1st-28th (register by April 18th). You’ll be glad you did. Click here to learn more and register .

Have more ways to detox your diet? Share with others by leaving a comment below.


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